It’s looking more like the attempt at mass murder in Garland, Texas that left two would-be jihadists dead over the weekend had ISIS fingerprints on it:

But even still…

It seems like this evidence that ISIS’ reach now extends to the U.S. would be the big story, but a large segment of the press would rather blame radical Islam’s critics. Sticking their heads up their asses is easier than facing reality.

We’ll see how the MSM feels when the self-proclaimed “judge, jury and executioner” of speech is parked outside their doors — after the media has surrendered to them while blaming right-wing critics of Islamic extremism, of course.


In a statement, ISIS took “credit” for the Garland, Texas attempted attack that was thwarted, and said the terrorist group has dozens of “soldiers” in 15 states ready to carry out attacks.

On the other hand, the White House’s Josh Earnest called what happened in Garland a “lone wolf” attack.

So **who are you going to believe?

**Rhetorical question of the week sponsored by Max-Lite Ear Plugs — when you don’t need to hear the response to know what the answer is, make it Max-Lite!

Update II: If “journalism” were hockey, the AP would be serving a 10-minute major in the penalty box for this pathetic spin:


25 Responses to “Much of the MSM would like to ignore the elephant in the room in Garland, Texas; Updated

  1. yepi12 on May 6th, 2015 11:28 am

    Just might be here Yepi

  2. Granny617 on May 6th, 2015 3:29 pm

    I flew home from Ft. Worth on Monday morning and the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport was a beehive of police/FBI activity. I was questioned by a police officer because I was sitting outside having a couple smokes for about an hour before having to go thru security. Once inside – there were police on foot and bikes everywhere and they were paying particular attention to incoming flights from Minneapolis, Detroit and Phoenix. It was kind of scary but it was a relief to see law enforcement in mass. The media can't admit that ISIS is here on our shores because it would prove what a failure Oblamo is. Their blinders are going to get innocent Americans killed.

  3. Truesoldier__ on May 6th, 2015 6:27 pm

    So very true Granny. ISIS has released a statement saying the following:

    We have 71 trained soldiers in 15 different states ready at our word to attack any target we desire. Out of the 71 trained soldiers 23 have signed up for missions like Sunday, We are increasing in number bithnillah. Of the 15 states, 5 we will name… Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, California, and Michigan.

    I see Michigan is on the list, so Doug (and anyone else) be careful.

  4. Granny617 on May 6th, 2015 9:42 pm

    And not one damn word from this administration…… something doesn't smell right.

  5. Truesoldier__ on May 6th, 2015 9:56 pm

    Dear leader may still be pouting that the attackers failed.

  6. Marshall_Will on May 6th, 2015 10:36 pm

    Nor WILL there be. This administration has come to grips w/ the fact they've lost their "concussed" Right and no longer "live in our heads" the way they did the FIRST (6) years…

    Enter: ISIS…! Gawrenteed to put the fear of God/Allah/plain old FRIGHT front & center. They've enjoyed the luxury and "first mover advantage" of an American conservative public ROCKED back on their HEELS.

    Well, after the IRS Scandal, VA Scandal, rubber stamped Solyndra [disappearing] 'loan' Scandal.., we've pretty much seen enough to where our torment is no longer all that 'shocking'. So they brought some muscle.

  7. Marshall_Will on May 6th, 2015 10:52 pm

    paying particular attention to incoming flights from…

    Essentially the SHORTLIST of locales we ( rather 'paranoid'? ) Conservatives have been telling these @-HOLES are virtual HOTBEDS and incubators for homegrown terrorist factories..!

  8. writedoug on May 6th, 2015 11:23 pm

    I've heard people saying that statement was exaggerated but I still live by the old adage that if somebody crazy tells you they're going to do something it's best to believe them. And I don't necessarily believe it's overexaggerated.

  9. writedoug on May 6th, 2015 11:25 pm

    The administration won't say anything while the "it's the fault of Geller-style hate speech" narrative is being set for them to use after the inevitable far worse attack comes.

  10. Ike on May 7th, 2015 2:34 am

    The events at Garland prove plainly that we don't need the government and the Patriot Act and all the bureaucratic apparatus that created to protect ourselves. We need only to keep the Second Amendment operational and have enough ammunition on hand for our guns. That is why the media is blaming the organizers of the event and everyone else in sight except the jihadis: to distract us from what the attempted attack shows, namely that we don't need them.

  11. Granny617 on May 7th, 2015 2:37 pm

    And did you see the story on the Iraqi nun that was invited to speak in the US and the state dept. won't approve her visa because they think she is lying about her purpose to come here and wants to stay here upon her arrival. This from the adminstration who leaves our borders wide open for terrorists to dosey doe into our country. My jaw does not even drop anymore at the stupidity!

  12. Granny617 on May 7th, 2015 2:44 pm

    Upon my arrival at Detroit Metro airport Monday afternoon – there was no show of uniformed officers – although I think the above report was released on Tuesday.

    I also have a friend whose son is a police officer in Dearborn, MI., which is home to the largest Muslim community in the US, and he tells us the majority of the residents there are sympathetic to the jihadi cause. So I would not be surprised if an attack is forthcoming in Michigan as those that sympathize are not going to give up a tip to law enforcement if they hear something.

  13. Truesoldier__ on May 7th, 2015 5:13 pm

    She ought to tell them that she wants to register to vote as a Democrat and make a statement that she believes the Catholic church needs to evolve on issues like gay marriage and abortion.

    They would roll out the red carpet at that point.

  14. Truesoldier__ on May 7th, 2015 5:19 pm

    That sounds like an excellent plan. Prior to 9/11 the government underestimated the capabilities of AQ and never imagined that an attack like that could occur on our soil.

  15. Marshall_Will on May 7th, 2015 8:49 pm

    Without: ( inciting others to violence! ) I find myself growingly FOND of that core sentiment.

    A nationalized police force ( rolling in MRAP's ) cannot adequately address the overwhelming majority of the issues we face. We meaning tax paying citizens. Michael Berry spoke on this very topic and how they bus in rent a thugs time after time to provide media-ready staged events.

    No one is actually BUYING it and as you note; we GOT this!

  16. writedoug on May 8th, 2015 1:33 am

    What do you guys think about this comment to a post I did at MMs?

  17. Truesoldier__ on May 8th, 2015 9:59 am

    Interesting theory and does have some possibility. From what I have heard through friends, the CIA is not thrilled with dear leader and were really pissed when dear leader's administration went after Petraeus (who they genuinely liked at the CIA). From what I have heard, Petraeus had a different opinion than dear leader on how to fight the war on terror (i.e. he actually wanted to fight it, covertly if needs be) and that was why dear leader outed him (yet wont touch Hillary with a ten foot pole).

    Now look at the FBI saying that Geller is own her own, letting ISIS think that she will be a soft target to draw them out. If we start to see Geller scheduling more events like this in those 5 out of the 15 cities that ISIS has listed as targets then it will lend a lot more credence to the theory. If this is happening, I would be willing to bet it is behind the back of dear leader and most of the leadership within the administration as there is no way they would approve of this. This is also why they are killing the terrorists instead of trying to catch them (the CIA knows dear leader would want to try them in civilian court and they could very well go free).

  18. Granny617 on May 8th, 2015 11:28 am

    You know if Pam Geller would only listen to Chris Cuomo at CNN she wouldn't be looking over her shoulder 24/7 to see if ISIS is on her tail. /sarc

    As a news reader at CNN with a law degree you would think Chris Cuomo knew a little bit about about the constitution – but it is apparent he was out on a long lunch the day they were teaching the First Amendment.

  19. Truesoldier__ on May 8th, 2015 11:48 am

    With the way liberal professors have inundated university, he may very well have been present for Constitution day and been taught all about the liberal perversion of it.

  20. Granny617 on May 8th, 2015 4:53 pm

    Apologize! Apologize! Apologize!

  21. Truesoldier__ on May 8th, 2015 8:24 pm

    And my answer would be, well considering that statistically Muslims are more likely to commit an act of terror than say oh any other group you can come up with you can shove your request for an apology where the sun don't shine.

  22. Desensitization Program for the Cartoonophobic | Zilla of the Resistance on May 9th, 2015 12:15 pm

    […] that it justifies a violent and/or murderous response from muslims who always blame their victims for the horrible things that muslims do to them for […]

  23. Marshall_Will on May 9th, 2015 1:34 pm

    He is the Shirley to John McCain's Laverne. h/t Chicks On The Right

    Too funny! Grahamnesty ( he's polling THIRD in his own STATE ) deserves all he GETS. Yer' WELCOME.

    In downright shocking fashion.., our entire BASE was on "lockdown" for His Royal Not An Imperial Prezuhduncey's visit. We weren't even allowed outside the building! Regular blasts over loudspeaker and I nearly STARVED. Thankfully the boss man ( 6' 4" about 240 lbs. ) packs mondo lunch.

    By Friday, Mrs. Will has had rather enough of preparing lunches so we usually just wing it at the end of the week. O'Dumbo knows "all about" and totally 'relates' to the rigors of the Working Man so ya' know, E'F 'em and all thaty! "They're TROOPS. They can TAKE IT".

    Whadda' regal douchebag…

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