Nothing says ‘I’m for the candidate who will fight for the proletariat’ like a $55 throw pillow

The Clinton Foundation slush fund/family ATM must not be enough to cover all 2016 campaign expenses, because Hillary Clinton’s campaign is kicking the merchandising into high gear.

I’m guessing there are about a half million of these bad boys sitting in a truck in Riyadh:

Of course, in Saudi Arabia they crossed out “in the White House” and replaced it with “not behind the wheel.”

But wait, there’s also the pantsuit t-shirt for $30 (foreign donors add an additional $100,000 to cover shipping, handling and server scrub & disposal):

Wear one of Hillary’s pantsuit tees and make your friends more confused than Bill the time he accidentally woke up in bed with his own wife.

Laugh if you will but it looks fabulous on George Stephanopoulos.

Author: Doug Powers

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