Author Joyce Carol Oates is one of America’s many “know better than you” progressives, and today she took an animal rights stand against something you might not have heard about:

Here’s the animal rights abuse Oates was referencing:

Read all about it in Oates’ next book, “Who Speaks for the Triceratops?”

Hopefully Oates will also shine a light on the horrendous sanitary conditions at this place called Jurassic Park — wherever that is:


11 Responses to “Author Joyce Carol Oates blasts lack of conservation laws at… Jurassic Park”

  1. Marshall_Will on June 10th, 2015 12:16 am

    I keep trying to tell people, while most of us associate names like Morrison, Hendrix etc. w/ "The 60's" it was infinitely more influenced by 'visionaries' like JCO ( born 1937 ) Ken Kesey, 1935 and Timothy Leary, 1920!

    She actually writes out her manuscripts looong hand if that tells you anything? But if you or I falter for (1) second over the latest #hashtag in front of 20-somethings, we're hopelessly out of touch?

    Isn't 'this' guy that Spielberg… guy? Just sayin'….

  2. Marshall_Will on June 10th, 2015 1:06 am

    Interesting! Founder of American Atheists:
    Madalyn Murray O'Hair (born Madalyn Mays; April 13, 1919 – September 29, 1995) She was the driving force behind getting any and all mention of God or religion out of public schools.

    Ironically dismembered in a kidnapping gone bad in Sept. 1995. No doubt her murderer was a religious zealot. Not!

    "Ultimately, the murder investigation focused on David Roland Waters, who had worked as a typesetter for American Atheists. Not only did Waters have previous convictions for violent crimes, there were also several suspicious burglaries during his tenure, and he had pleaded guilty earlier in 1995 to stealing $54,000 from American Atheists"
    "Shortly after his theft of the $54,000 was discovered, O'Hair had written a scathing article in the 'Members Only' section of the American Atheists newsletter exposing Waters, the theft and Waters' previous crimes, including a 1977 incident in which Waters allegedly beat and urinated upon his mother."

    Might have missed Sunday school?

  3. Marshall_Will on June 10th, 2015 1:41 am

    PHOTO: Ted Kennedy's luxury speedboat.

    Too funny! Is that a full displacement hull? Sad…

  4. Granny617 on June 12th, 2015 2:19 pm

    LOL – ain't that the truth. Why is it that so many of these weirdos are all atheist, agnostic, etc.? I blame lack of good parenting on today's younger weirdos/killers/rabble rousers. I am a Christian but not a church goer. Growing up we went to Sunday School every Sunday and went to catechism to be confirmed. I did the same for my kids. Although they complained about it sometimes they thank me now. One of my daughters said looking back at it now going to Sunday school really confirmed the moral values you and dad were instilling in us.

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    Author Joyce Carol Oates blasts lack of conservation laws at? Jurassic Park : The Powers That Be

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    Author Joyce Carol Oates blasts lack of conservation laws at? Jurassic Park : The Powers That Be

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