Hillary Clinton once said that businesses don’t create jobs, but if she’s elected she’ll be “the small business president”: Get a load of the cackle after that whopper of a lie! Even she doesn’t believe the s**t that comes out of her mouth. Replace “small business” with “Clinton Foundation donors” and it’s way more accurate.

If you’re among those who think Planned Parenthood’s defense of organ harvesting from unborn babies is horrific, well, you just don’t care about kids’ health: Those unsure about fetal tissue research probably don't know how much it improves infant health. http://t.co/j8lnUakIgi — Planned Parenthood (@PPact) July 29, 2015 Harvesting organs from unborn babies and selling […]

In Africa, President Obama did some daydreaming: Loved how he referenced African “leaders who refuse to step aside when their terms end.” “Leaders”? Well, one man’s “tin pot dictator” is another man’s “leader.” Joyanna Adams also pointed out that Bill Clinton had third-term fantasies. Libs who love power just can’t help but dream about finding […]

If this quote in a forthcoming book about Nick Saban is accurate, the Alabama coach is a master motivator for getting his players’ minds off distracting thoughts and back on the field of play: The Alabama football coach imparts life lessons in a new biography by Monte Burke, and though the book itself isn’t out […]

In Kenya, President Obama told that country’s leaders what U.S. city to look to for pointers about getting rid of government corruption: In Kenya, Obama highlights Chicago as the example of how to get rid of corruption & make progress. — Richard Grenell (@RichardGrenell) July 25, 2015 Well isn’t that special: Obama lecturing another country […]

Recently, President Obama floated an idea: Obama: Maybe it's time for mandatory voting (Holly Yan / CNN) http://t.co/nxU1cHX5KN http://t.co/CWDnoYECSy — memeorandum (@memeorandum) March 19, 2015 He’s not alone. Why? Because mandatory voting works! (for dictators): Failure to vote is considered treason in North Korea. @BrianToddCNN reports: http://t.co/ptzQjlQNQw pic.twitter.com/CzygwYkOhe — The Situation Room (@CNNSitRoom) July 21, […]

Isn’t there some kind of geriatric SWAT team that an sweep in and prevent stuff like this from ever happening? The next 15 months are going to be torturous, aren’t they?

President Obama gets halos from the Associated Press, but for now Hillary Clinton will have to settle for this image that’s more like looking through Wes Craven’s camera lens than a political candidate: View it in all its glory here, but don’t look directly at the photo until you’ve stored your soul in a safe, […]

Cecile Richards explained how a video showing Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Services Dr. Deborah Nucatola explaining at length how the “organization” harvests fetal organs for reuse and sale was patently false and deceptively edited. She did so by not denying anything that the PP staffer said, but rather saying the language used was […]

By now you might have heard about the undercover video showing Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Services Dr. Deborah Nucatola explaining how they use partial birth abortion procedures to procure body parts. In other words, the sick bastards instruct abortion “providers” how to perform the procedures so as to not damage any organs they […]

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