Happy Independence Day all!

I’ll be doing the usual 4th activities: Passing around a replica of the Declaration of Independence while grilling dinner and later taunting a giant bag of fireworks with my usual “I don’t need all ten fingers anyway” attitude.

Oh, and don’t forget that the Obama administration would appreciate it if you would try to get your relatives to drop lit Roman Candles down your pants by lecturing them about the awesomeness of Obamacare. In my family that kind of thing would get you pantsed and thrown into the river… maybe worse:

Lest we forget though, this is what it’s really all about:


19 Responses to “Happy Independence Day! And don’t forget to lecture your family about Obamacare”

  1. backwoodsconsr on July 4th, 2015 11:50 am

    Well, my family and friends, Obamacare can be summed up this way. Obama doesn't care.

  2. Marshall_Will on July 4th, 2015 4:21 pm

    Ten fingers seems kind of excessive anyway. Most guitar players get by on two. Lol

    Whomever did the Chuck Norris vine, pure genius! You can't tell b/c of the hood but I'm pretty sure that's Barry. Have a grand 4th all!

  3. backwoodsconsr on July 4th, 2015 8:50 pm

    I'm a piano player. I need all of mine. Sometimes I think I could use a few more.

  4. Marshall_Will on July 5th, 2015 3:55 pm

    Any guitar instructor worth their salt always creates scales and patterns for students that *mandate* the use of all four fingers. But… 30 minutes and 6 blocks later and students are RIGHT back to their lazy habits…

    I've been meaning to take up keyboard for the longest time, primarily so I don't have to BEG someone to sit in? But it really IS an investment! The other elephant in the room, ( why is anyone that good at guitar sitting behind a KEYBOARD? ) I want my money back!?

    I want to do some old school stuff and have found myself falling in love w/ pre-Beatles rock & roll all over again! But good luck finding someone that can torture the keys like Jerry Lee? I thought about approaching Diane Lines ( you really have to hear her new show Jump! a tribute to Jump-era music ) but I think she's had her share of playing dives…

  5. Marshall_Will on July 5th, 2015 4:06 pm

    Ahem, The 4th…

    As usual we had our patriotic themed BBQ contest and at the start we blare Jimi, all rise and face the flag, hand over heart. Traditions. Anyway one of the girl's friends, a knee jerk Oregon lib if EVER decides to remain seated and basically make a statement of "taking a pass".

    We're beyond the shock value of such stunts from her but it made me realize, for anyone under 40, having grown up in a hopelessly Purple State, it really IS quite the shock to find there are [still] those they don't openly embrace toking weed while nude-cycling?

    Everyone she's ever KNOWN from parents to teachers, classmates and probably the majority of her [hospital] employers is a die hard Leftist! So they live in this bubble from birth to around 30 when they have to start making choices?

    You can't stay in college forever and there's only so far volunteering/dot.org involvement is going to take you? Mizz Lib keeps her opinions to HERSELF of late, there isn't a lot to be 'proud' of here lately as a Progressive but you can tell she's at that crossroads. Baby sitting as a career at 30 doesn't afford much of a lifestyle she's learning.

  6. backwoodsconsr on July 5th, 2015 5:56 pm

    I paid $1000 for my digital piano earlier this year. There's no danger of me ever getting good enough to play in a band. It's just a way of scratching an itch. I took lessons for a year when I was 12 and walked away from it. Now at the age of 56 I'm learning to play again, using self teaching guides. I can learn at my own pace, moving up to new lessons when I get bored with playing what I've learned. It's a joy to me.

  7. Marshall_Will on July 6th, 2015 6:03 pm

    Well, we're the same age and I can tell you, from MY perspective, welcome to the Keith Richards stage! He now admits he can't remember the next chord in the progression until the band actually ARRIVES there! He's literally flying blind.

    But I've seen this w/ multiple other longtime performers. And not just the party animals. They start abbreviating and condensing their solos, shortening run time and really focusing on tonal quality, over quantity. They know their audience remembers the tunes note-for-note and allows them to fill in the blanks themselves.

    B.B King or Chuck Berry would be great examples.

  8. backwoodsconsr on July 6th, 2015 8:02 pm

    I've never been a person who could play by ear. When I was young, I tried to and couldn't. But I'm finding this time around that a lot times when I'm practicing I fumble the first attempt to play a song. I'm looking at the notes and know how to read them, but I miss. It's when I get a mental image of what the song is supposed to sound like that I play it well.

    BTW, for me the keyboard trumps any feelings I have for other instruments. If somebody were to look at how much guitar music is in my iPod, they might assume I love it. I have a whole lot of the works of Chet Atkins, Mark Knopfler, Joe Walsh, and Brian May, to name a few. I like guitar, but I love a keyboard. I have more songs in my iPod just in harpsichord music than most people have total.

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  10. imoforpcs on May 2nd, 2017 3:38 pm
  11. O.S.I. on June 1st, 2017 8:03 pm

    There should be a copy of the Constitution every school classroom in America.

  12. O.S.I. on June 1st, 2017 10:40 pm

    Music is a good way to relax.

  13. O.S.I. on June 1st, 2017 10:42 pm

    I have Always been more of a Van Halen fan.

  14. O.S.I. on June 1st, 2017 10:43 pm

    You think Obama dose not care wait till you checkout Trump/Ryan non-care.

  15. O.S.I. on June 1st, 2017 10:44 pm

    The U.S. flag is the best looking flag in the world today.

  16. Roger on June 6th, 2017 4:55 pm

    No politician will ever care as much as the patient and their doctor. That's why government needs to butt out.

  17. Roger on June 6th, 2017 4:57 pm

    Yes, do you still like this one?

    They had caring state run healthcare you know.

  18. Roger on June 6th, 2017 4:57 pm

    You've always been a Karl Marx sort of fan.

  19. Roger on June 6th, 2017 4:59 pm

    It has been for 240 years.

    Shame that communists have gotten every goal they set out for and destroyed the things that made America great.

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