The Clintons’ media rodeo goes way back

In a New Hampshire parade, Hillary Clinton’s campaign corralled the media in a moving rope line.

It turns out that the “rope the press” idea isn’t a new one:

It was an awkward moment for Bill, because he wasn’t used to being around people tied up in ropes who weren’t also wearing leather hoods and ball gags.

I want to see a GOP candidate play media rodeo just to see how it’s reported — as if we don’t know.

Greece looking to raid bank deposits as a bit of saliva forms in corner of Obama’s mouth

Be afraid:


Be VERY afraid:


American progressives aren’t looking to Greece as any kind of a warning sign — they’re observing what’s going on for lessons on wealth confiscation. This is why progressives need to be voted out of power in America, which, at a presidential level, I’m taking a “we’ll see” attitude with low expectations.

Happy Independence Day! And don’t forget to lecture your family about Obamacare

Happy Independence Day all!

I’ll be doing the usual 4th activities: Passing around a replica of the Declaration of Independence while grilling dinner and later taunting a giant bag of fireworks with my usual “I don’t need all ten fingers anyway” attitude.

Oh, and don’t forget that the Obama administration would appreciate it if you would try to get your relatives to drop lit Roman Candles down your pants by lecturing them about the awesomeness of Obamacare. In my family that kind of thing would get you pantsed and thrown into the river… maybe worse:

Lest we forget though, this is what it’s really all about:

Your 4th of July weekend dose of irony

The group Disarm NYPD, which seeks to create no-cop zones in NYC, was protesting at a Brookyn park Wednesday night. A woman supposedly with the group was being chased off by angry counter-protesters who grew even angrier after somebody with Disarm NYPD set fire to an American flag when irony magic happened: The anti-cop demonstrator was protected by police.

The bummer of it all is that you can be pretty sure none of the pinheads who want to create no-cop zones appreciated the irony at all.