So how’s Obama’s plan to bring ISIS to its knees going?

Last year:


But I’m totally confident that the White House is correct when they claim their beloved Iran deal will degrade and ultimately eliminate Tehran’s ability to make a nuclear weapon.

Time once again to play ‘Who Threw That Baseball Better?’

Welcome to “Who Threw That Baseball Better?”

Today’s first contestant is a 103-year-old woman from Texas:

Our second contestant is a U.S. president half the age of our first contestant:

You be the judge: WHOOOOO threw that baseball better?

A past version of “Who Threw That Baseball Better” is here.

What’s the first word that comes to mind when you think ‘Hillary Clinton’? America has spoken

My reaction wasn’t included in this poll, because it’s supposed to be a single word and my response was “Oh God why won’t the Clintons just take their ill-gotten millions and go away and leave us alone forever.”

Even though it’s not the biggest word in there, “murder” kind of sticks out as a response given by several people in the Quinnipiac poll:

They didn’t include Bill’s response of what comes to mind when he hears “Hillary.” I imagine it’s “run!”

‘Orwell, party of 320 million, your table is ready’

The Obama administration is so very proud of their part in stomping on states and individual rights that they’ve developed a map of disappearing freedoms:

Are the green areas places the EPA has destroyed with their clean-up efforts?

Appropriate reaction:

Do you have any control over how creepy you allow yourself to get?

Jorge Ramos might have blown any chance of riding on Trump Force One, or maybe not

Does anybody else besides The People’s Cube see anything extra ironic about pro-amnesty Univision anchor Jorge Ramos trying to jump ahead in line and speak out of turn at a political presser? Or maybe it was all part of the grand stage show — who knows.

I’m not a “Trump for President” guy, but this really cracked me up — and I don’t want to hear any of the same press that whined when Neil Munro “disrespected” Obama by speaking out of turn, or allowed themselves to be lassoed in Hillary’s moving rope lines — bitching about this:

Ramos was later let back in and had this exchange with Trump.

The 2016 campaign on both sides of the aisle is shaping up to be freakin’ surreal.

What a surprise: Fighting ‘climate change’ is now over a $1.5 trillion racket and July was the hottest month ever

You know, if we had an honest and inquisitive media, it’s possible that some intrepid reporter might want to know if “data” like this…

…could possibly be influenced by numbers like this:

Press headlines never say “July 2014 was the hottest month ever, say scientists whose grant money hinges on hottest months ever.” Go figure.

NOT the way to do it: Jeb Bush says ‘you don’t have to be a liberal to care about people’

This Jeb Bush quote from yesterday made me absolutely cringe:

“You don’t win when you’re the large dog in the room, where it’s all about you,” Bush said. “When you connect with people about their aspirations, not about how great you are, how rich you are, how this you are, how that you are, that’s not leadership.”

Bush said his record in Florida shows his ability to create and enforce policy that helps everyone rise up.

“Look I’m not a liberal. But you don’t have to be a liberal to care about people. That’s the point,” Bush said.

It drives me freaking nuts when Republicans concede the false lib narrative that the Left is more “caring” about people — or cares at all about people. To liberals, people are the problem: There are too many of them which is why the planet is dying, they support environmental regs that raise the cost of living (poor and minorities hardest hit) all in the name of addressing phony crises to enrich their cronies, and they defend the carving up of babies for parts sales because they think life is cheap and meaningless. Next time Bush should try “if you care about people you shouldn’t be a liberal.”

A Republican selling his point of view with an apologetic tone is why the Dems have won the last two presidential elections.

Highlights from Hillary’s day in Vegas: The shrugger won’t touch the hugger

Yesterday, the lookout on the SS Hillary saw that it was heading straight for an iceberg, and Hillary said “full speed ahead!”

First of all, does a Clinton really want to joke about the subject of wiping up stuff?

This was Hillary’s reaction after Fox News’ Ed Henry asked her if her server had been scrubbed:

But Hillary’s making up for her email troubles by connecting with voters. Here she is refusing to give one of the lowly peasants a hug:

Hillary didn’t want to get the stench of proletariat all over her new orange prison jumpsuit.

This was the scene shortly after when Hillary’s adviser attempted to warn her about the falling poll numbers:

Hillary’s campaign this year could be the most entertaining train wreck ever.

In Hillary’s campaign offices, male and female interns are paid the same… in coffee

The wind-up:

And the pitch:

For some reason I’m guessing that if McDonalds paid some of their workers in “coffee,” “views” and a “chance to make history” Hillary’d think that was the most horrible thing an employer ever did.

Summary of John Kerry’s remarks in Cuba: Damn I’m awesome!

John Kerry contributed to a really courageous decision in regards to Cuba… just ask him:

Kerry’s eyes lit up because he could envision a yacht club right behind where he was standing. The view was kept clear because the Obama administration wouldn’t allow any Cuban dissidents to attend the re-opening of the U.S. Embassy in Havana.

Most pathetic perhaps was Kerry saying we shouldn’t be “prisoners of history.” Political prisoners of Castro beg to differ.