Jorge Ramos might have blown any chance of riding on Trump Force One, or maybe not

Does anybody else besides The People’s Cube see anything extra ironic about pro-amnesty Univision anchor Jorge Ramos trying to jump ahead in line and speak out of turn at a political presser? Or maybe it was all part of the grand stage show — who knows.

I’m not a “Trump for President” guy, but this really cracked me up — and I don’t want to hear any of the same press that whined when Neil Munro “disrespected” Obama by speaking out of turn, or allowed themselves to be lassoed in Hillary’s moving rope lines — bitching about this:

Ramos was later let back in and had this exchange with Trump.

The 2016 campaign on both sides of the aisle is shaping up to be freakin’ surreal.

Author: Doug Powers

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