The Obama administration is so very proud of their part in stomping on states and individual rights that they’ve developed a map of disappearing freedoms:

Are the green areas places the EPA has destroyed with their clean-up efforts?

Appropriate reaction:

Do you have any control over how creepy you allow yourself to get?


6 Responses to “‘Orwell, party of 320 million, your table is ready’”

  1. Dale on August 27th, 2015 4:55 pm

    I'm from the government and am here to help. Scariest words ever.

  2. Marshall_Will on August 28th, 2015 2:42 am

    Been following this one for awhile now. An ex-hippie, lesbian DEMOCRAT is actually rolling up her sleeves doing the legwork on Agenda 21. Rosa Koire. What a gal! She runs Democrats Against Agenda 21 and speaks to Tea Party groups across the country. She's been interviewed by Alex Jones and has made a coherent case against ICLEI and their Delphi Techniques employed in countless city councils both big and small.

    Ever wonder why your rural Oregon/NorCal town has a "city manager" that uh… went to some east coast lib college? They install these acolytes and before you know it, they're pushing Agenda 21 initiatives, stifling development, advocating "high density" /multi-use construction all while choking off anything resembling capitalism.

    Check out her vids on YT. With all due respect to MM, Rosa is lightyears ahead on this topic. Michelle's been a tad busy fighting off Progs in CO, running a few businesses and writing a book. And that's the whole thrust of the Progressive Agenda, setting more FIRES than any one of us, or core group can extinguish.

    It's why we ALL have to get involved and at least carry our weight! IMHO

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    ?Orwell, party of 320 million, your table is ready? : The Powers That Be

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    ?Orwell, party of 320 million, your table is ready? : The Powers That Be

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    ?Orwell, party of 320 million, your table is ready? : The Powers That Be

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