Perfect: Hillary’s pivot to sincerity sparked by bad focus group review

What’s the reason for Hillary’s sudden sincerity and openness? Nothing says sincere like “a focus group said we better stop being so flippant about it“:

Last week, Mrs. Clinton’s aides showed a video of that news conference to a New Hampshire focus group of independents and Democrats, according to a Democrat briefed on the focus group whose account was confirmed by a person in her campaign. Participants said they wanted to hear more from Mrs. Clinton about the issue.

The focus group also showed that the email issue was drowning out nearly everything else that Mrs. Clinton was hoping to communicate to voters — something Mrs. Clinton and her husband have complained about to friends.

This campaign officially became a parody of a parody of a farce long ago, but Hillary did also pledge to be funnier, and she’s certainly delivering on that promise.

Author: Doug Powers

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