Mitt Romney admits he’s the father of Obamacare

In comments about the death of Thomas Stemberg, the founder of Staples, Mitt Romney seemed to admit something he denied in 2012 — that his health care brainchild in Massachusetts provided the inspiration for Obamacare:

Romney recalled that shortly after he was elected, Mr. Stemberg asked him why he ran for governor. Romney said he wanted to help people, and Mr. Stemberg replied that if he really wanted to help, he should give everyone access to health care, which Romney said he hadn’t really considered before.

“Without Tom pushing it, I don’t think we would have had Romneycare,” Romney said. “Without Romneycare, I don’t think we would have Obamacare. So without Tom, a lot of people wouldn’t have health insurance.”

Does the GOP know how to offer clear General Election alternatives to liberals OR WHAT? I suspect they’ll make the same mistake heading into next year’s election.

Author: Doug Powers

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