North Korea offers gullible, desperate lame duck administration another faux foreign policy legacy opportunity

North Korea sees the Obama administration freeing up over a hundred billion in frozen Iranian assets and sanction relief in return for a “deal” that allows self-inspection of nuke sites (and even forgives taking U.S. military personnel prisoner and using their photos and videos for propaganda purposes) and they want in on that action before the spineless, self-serving bureaucrats potential peace partners in the White House are out of office in a year:

North Korea said it could stop its nuclear tests in exchange for signing a peace treaty with the U.S. and a stop to annual military exercises between the U.S. and South Korea.

The North’s statement carried by the state media late Friday was a repeat of past offers that have been rejected by the U.S., which wants Pyongyang to commit to a complete abandonment of nuclear weapons.

An unnamed spokesman of the North’s Foreign Ministry called the purported hydrogen bomb test on Jan. 6 a justifiable move to ensure its survival against external threats.

Don’t think for one second the geniuses in the Obama administration won’t find a way to jump all over this before they’re out of office.

What’s Korean for “re-set button”?


Iran has shown North Korea how to get the Obama administration and UN on board with lifting sanctions against them: Take hostages and use them as human currency to get whatever you want.

Update II:

Right on cue.

Author: Doug Powers

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