Home Depot co-founder goes nuclear on Nancy Pelosi’s tax bill ‘crumbs’ mockery

There are two sides to every story, and this happens to be the side of the story I find more believable than Nancy Pelosi’s “Armageddon” and “crumbs” out-of-touch lunacy:

I’d pay to see a debate between him and any Dem politician whose never spent a day toiling in the private sector.

(h/t Twitchy)

Author: Doug Powers

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4 thoughts on “Home Depot co-founder goes nuclear on Nancy Pelosi’s tax bill ‘crumbs’ mockery”

  1. D’Alesandro is a daft as they come. Another example of why dynastic politicians are bad for this country. I don’t hold much higher regards for Murkowski either.

    1. Hey OK, glad you made the trip over here. If you know anybody from the old commenter gang at MM who might want to go slumming at my own site let’ em know!

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