Whoops: Turns out companies caving to lefty pressure about NRA are NOT boosting their image

Many companies who offered discounts to NRA members caved into liberal pressure recently. How’s that working out for them?

A Morning Consult survey of 2,201 U.S. adults conducted Feb. 23-25 found increases in negative views of businesses that severed ties with the NRA after consumers learned of them. The poll’s margin of error is plus or minus 2 percentage points.

MetLife Inc., the insurance giant that ended a discount for NRA members last week, had a 45 percent favorable rating, compared to a 12 percent unfavorable rating, before survey participants were informed of that move. After learning of it, respondents with an unfavorable view of the company doubled to 24 percent, while its favorability rating was unchanged.

Among Republicans, the firm’s favorability ratings flipped after participants learned of the decision regarding the NRA. Beforehand, 50 percent of Republicans said they had a favorable view of the company, compared to 10 percent with an unfavorable view. After being informed of MetLife’s decision, the ratings changed to 29 percent favorable and 44 percent unfavorable.
Unfavorability ratings for the three major rental car brands associated with Enterprise Holdings Inc. — Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo and National Car Rental — all more than doubled among surveyed adults after they learned about the companies ending discounts for NRA members.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s favorability rating slid from 61 percent to 50 percent, while its unfavorability rating jumped from 12 percent to 25 percent. For Alamo and National Car Rental, favorability was little changed, whereas unfavorability ratings increased from 10 percent to 24 percent and 11 percent to 25 percent, respectively.

But what companies had their favorability rating go up as a result of caving to the noisy anti-NRA left? Um, ZERO:

Now that’s what you call backfire!

Call off the investigation! Barbra Streisand knows who motivated the Parkland, Florida HS shooter

Liberal undies are still in THIS much of a twist over Hillary’s loss.

Who should share blame for the 17 deaths in the Florida high school shooting besides the maniac who pulled the trigger? The local sheriff who ignored dozens of red flags? The FBI which dropped the ball a couple of times? According to Barbra Streisand part of the blame lies with — you guessed it — Donald Trump:

Speaking to Variety magazine in an interview published Tuesday, the 10-time Grammy-winning singer suggested that 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, who fatally shot 17 students and teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Feb. 14, was “affected” by Mr. Trump’s election.

“I think even that shooter was affected because Trump brings out the violence in people. He says, ‘It’s OK — rally, lock her up,’” Ms. Streisand said, referring to Mr. Trump’s rally chant pertaining to his former Democratic presidential rival, Hillary Clinton.

“Everything he called Hillary, he is,” she said.

“He embodies the nasty remarks he makes about other people. He’s a liar. He’s crooked,” she added.

Ms. Streisand, who has kept in touch with Mrs. Clinton since her 2016 election loss, said she believes election fraud and voting machine tampering contributed to Mr. Trump’s win.

So Trump’s rhetoric against Hillary Clinton made Nikolas Cruz go kill people at a high school over a year after the election? Solid logic there, Babs.

Liberals’ undies are still in such a twist about what happened on Nov. 8, 2016 that they even use a horrific school shooting as an opportunity to vent and assign false blame for why their awful candidate lost the election.

Elizabeth Warren hates Wall Street — UNLESS…

…she can use Big Banking™ as leverage against political opponents:

The Massachusetts Democrat sent letters Monday to investment funds with the biggest stakes in three publicly traded gun makers, urging them to pressure the manufacturers to self-regulate, The Finance 202 has learned.

“Now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is,” Warren wrote in one such note to BlackRock chief Larry Fink, who declared in his annual letter to CEOs last month that companies need to contribute a social good to keep the $6 trillion investment firm’s support.

For its part, BlackRock — the largest shareholder in both American Outdoor Brands Corporation, which owns AR-15 maker Smith & Wesson and Sturm Ruger, and is the second-largest shareholder in Vista Outdoor, another gun manufacturer — announced last week that it would be “engaging” with weapons makers to “understand their response to recent events.”

But Warren wants specifics. She’s asking firms to pressure gun companies to impose their own age restrictions and waiting periods on buyers and invest in developing safer guns. In addition to BlackRock, she sent missives to Vanguard, Fidelity, Invesco and five other firms with major positions in gun companies and asked for reports on their plans by March 9.

If Mussolini were still around he might sue Warren for copyright infringement.

What’s more concerning is that some on Wall Street aren’t telling Dances With Identity Fraud to pound heap big sand, but rather considering caving to her demands:

I have an IRA invested through BlackRock and I’m less than thrilled they’re considering using my money to appease progressives when they should be focused on maximizing ROI.

House Dems taking commanding lead for ‘Gun & Ammo Salespeople of the Year’ award

Dems just don’t understand human nature, do they? Or maybe they do and are all just secretly working for gun & ammo manufacturers and angling for a BIG sales commission:

House Democrats have introduced a bill banning semi-automatic firearms in the wake of the Feb. 14 shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla.

Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I., announced Monday he is introducing the Assault Weapons Ban of 2018. More than 150 Democrats have signed on in support of the legislation, Rep. Ted Deutch, D-Fla., said.

“Today I joined @RepCicilline and 150+ of my colleagues to introduce the assault weapons ban. It’s time for Congress to listen to the will of a majority of Americans and pass sensible legislation to get these weapons of war off our streets. #NeverAgain #MSDStrong,” Deutch tweeted.

What could possibly backfire?

Way to go, Dems!

And not far from where I live there was a similar result:

So many Democrats in Congress are attorneys, but yet somehow they have ZERO understanding of the Law of Unintended Consequences.

MSNBC lunacy miners reach rock bottom of stupidity, keep digging

The argument against allowing properly trained teachers (or anybody else at a school) to carry handguns just got a whole lot dumber, thanks to the ignorant toolbags at MSNBC:

Those dopes seem to be implying that one of those speeds is out-runnable. But hey, who WOULDN’T rather be hit by a car going 120 mph as opposed to 200 mph!

However, one could construe that story to be an argument in favor of teachers carrying AR-15s, so tread cautiously, MSNBC.

Dem gun control advocates again prove there’s no loophole in the Law of Unintended Consequences

Who didn’t see this coming? Liberals, probably:

Thousands of gun enthusiasts — more so than ever — flocked to the Florida State Fairgrounds for the Florida Gun Show event.

Organizers say they had a record number of people attend the event on Saturday, Feb. 24, almost 7,000, and expected more Sunday.

The manager for the Florida Gun Show, George Fernandez, says they’ve never seen such a big crowd.
“Some of the people attending are afraid that future legislation will impact their gun ownership rights,” he says.

Also — and this is anecdotal evidence — but based on the reactions I’m seeing I’m guessing NRA membership is through the roof. Well done, Dems!

If Democrats like Sen. Bill Nelson keep it up they might even break Barack Obama’s gun sales record. Sometimes I think liberals in Congress are secretly working for Smith & Wesson.

Broward County sheriff won’t resign because the buck stops… over there — WAY over there

I’ve known department heads in corporate America who held themselves to higher standards than this guy who oversaw a complete law-enforcement dereliction of duty from top to bottom:

It should also be added to the file that Nikolas Cruz called the cops on HIMSELF on more than one occasion around the same time the police received a tip that Cruz might do… exactly what he did:

It has been revealed that the infamous 19-year-old Florida school shooter who killed 17 people after he opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School called the police distressed after his mother passed away just months ago.

Nikolas Cruz called authorities just after Thanksgiving, saying he had been in a fight and was struggling with the death of his mother. ‘The thing is I lost my mother a couple of weeks ago, so like I am dealing with a bunch of things right now,’ he told police.

On January 5, just a month before the shooting, a woman who knew Cruz called the FBI tip line and said ‘I know he’s going to explode. ‘She said her biggest fear was that he might resort to entering a school and just start ‘shooting the place up.’

But the Broward County sheriff is treating the calls for his resignation as if they’re unfair witch hunts — all while he’s been pointing a finger at the NRA to deflect blame. I’m speechless.

Yeah, we need to talk about this Broward County sheriff (yikes)

This guy’s got to go.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel was on CNN this morning, the same network that let him spew liberal talking points at a town hall last week in front of a stacked audience and point a finger of blame at the NRA. He didn’t have it quite as easy this morning, and Israel pretty much beclowned himself:

And don’t even think about making him play the “I’m rubber and your glue” card!

But the sheriff DID get confirmation that it was the NRA’s fault before the town hall? Please. Israel, who has four deputies who failed to defend children, accused Dana Loesch and the NRA of “not defending children.”

That’s from the same guy who defended his department by saying “Hey, we only got 23 red flags about Nikolas Cruz, not 39!”

That guy makes Barney Fife look like Dirty Harry, and he needs to resign or be removed very soon. Oh, and on top of everything else, the sheriff’s demanding an apology from politicians who want to hold him accountable for his own department’s missteps:

He’s GOT to go. Did I mention that already? Israel’s got chutzpah the size of Jupiter.

In the meantime, because they’re super serious about solving the problem, liberals are hoping to stop the next school shooting by threatening to boycott companies that offer discounts to NRA members.

Will construction of ‘Historic Transparency’ wing of Obama’s library to cost taxpayers $175 million? Obama won’t say

Let’s check in with former President Obama real quick and see what’s changed since he left office. Short answer: Nothing.

For starters, he’s still showing as much “historic levels of transparency” as ever:

An email sent to attendees of the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston says that attendees of the “conversation with Obama” are barred from live streaming, sharing photos and video and any other content from the event on public platforms, the Boston Globe reports.

“Following the panel, the sharing or reporting of its contents on public platforms, including social media, will not be permitted,” the notice reads. “Those who fail to adhere to this policy will be subject to removal from the conference and denied tickets to future SSAC conferences.”

“This policy applies to all attendees, credentialed media included,” a second email added after the Boston Globe asked for comment.

A spokesperson for the conference told the Globe that the former president “will discuss his time in office and the next chapter of his life,” but gave few details as to what specific things Obama will mention.

Also, Obama’s no longer in the White House, but he’s still spending taxpayer money, though his people won’t confirm the amount:

To put some perspective on that, that’s about 1/10th of the pallet of cash Obama sent to Iran, so he probably doesn’t consider that to be a lot of money relative to that.

Ironically a good portion of that $175 million will go towards construction of the “Historic Levels of Transparency” wing of his library.

#ShePersisted: Here’s the gun grabber narrative-busting video of the week

According to liberals, the women in the below video should have just stood there screaming helplessly and taking shotgun blasts for the seven-to-fifteen minutes it would have taken for cops to respond.

Libs say “guns don’t make us safer” and the so-called “good guy with a gun” argument is a myth. Instead, in reality, #ShePersisted:

Those two clerks should be the poster women for female empowerment but instead the feminists will opt to give that distinction to Bill Clinton’s wife for the 25th year running.