WIN for smaller gov’t: Montana state worker quits after figuring out what ICE does

The state government in Montana is minus one non-essential employee, at least temporarily. Why? ICE, baby:

Jordon Dyrdahl-Roberts had a safe government job as a legal secretary with the Montana Department of Labor and Industry, but on Wednesday he quit it all when he was asked to comply with subpoenas for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“So, yeah, about that. I put in my two weeks notice. I work at Montana Department of Labor. There were going to be ICE subpoenas for information that would end up being used to hunt down & deport undocumented workers,” Dyrdahl-Roberts tweeted Wednesday after quitting his job. “It would have been my responsibility to prepare the information and hand them off to ICE. I refuse to aid in the breaking up of families. I refuse to just ‘follow orders.’ This isn’t an easy decision as it puts me in a delicate financial position.”
It all began Tuesday when one of the lawyers he works with said that he should be anticipate working on ICE subpoenas soon.

So, “the only words my brain picked up were ‘subpoenas coming,’” he said. It wasn’t until Wednesday he realized who they were for.

“I immediately said, ‘I don’t think I can help with that,’” he recalled. “I began talking with management about what the deal was, but I pretty much understood at that point.”

He called his wife and told her he didn’t think he could do it. Without hesitation, she said “OK,” and with just $900 in their checking account, he quit.

Did he hear “ICE subpoenas are coming soon” and at first think there was a chance they wouldn’t have anything to do with the enforcement of immigration or customs laws? The acronym for the agency should have been a dead giveaway.

Prediction: He’ll be a Dem congressional candidate and/or MSNBC or CNN contributor within a month. Faster if he keeps up this attitude:

Author: Doug Powers

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