Awkward: John Podesta gets asked how Russia knew to focus on Wisconsin & Michigan when Hillary’s campaign didn’t

February still has quite a few days left in it, but the “Most Hilariously Awkward Question of the Month” award can probably already be handed out for what former Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta was asked on Sunday morning:

CBS host Nancy Cordes asked Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta Sunday why Russian operatives knew to focus on the critical battleground states of Wisconsin and Michigan when the Clinton team seemingly didn’t.

One key aspect of Russia’s interference campaign in the election was extensive trolling and disinformation through memes and ads on Facebook, and they particularly targeted users in Wisconsin and Michigan, two consistently blue states President Donald Trump narrowly won en route to his election victory.
“But it does beg the question, how is it that these Russian operatives knew to focus on purple states like Michigan and Wisconsin, and your campaign didn’t?” Cordes asked.

This is Podesta’s version of “homina homina homina”:

Podesta claimed that Hillary did focus heavily on Pennsylvania, but pledging to put workers in the coal industry out of jobs doesn’t exactly qualify as campaign strategy genius. Instead of admitting the real reasons Clinton lost — which is sheer arrogance combined with unlikability and many things in between — Podesta changed the subject faster than Bill Clinton after Hillary asks “where were you last night?”

It’s also worth noting that neither the interviewer or the interviewee in the above video know what “begging the question” means.

Author: Doug Powers

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