Area Democrat: Do something! — Trump proposes something — Area Democrat: That’s stupid!

President Trump floated a couple of ideas yesterday after calls to “do something” about school shootings have been made. Dem Rep. Brian Schatz wants something done, but not THAT kind of something:

Forget the ridiculousness of the term “gun violence” for a moment (do they say “truck violence,” “knife violence” or “bomb violence” after non-gun related attacks?). When Dems say “do something” they’re only talking about one thing: Banning guns and ending the political influence of the NRA and its members (Read: THEY don’t deserve the right of free speech like Planned Parenthood does).

This is also completely backwards:

If he wants to know who’s helping sell guns in record numbers he should go look in the mirror. Between a run on guns and NRA memberships, firearm dealers and the NRA should be giving Democrats a sales commission.

Too bad the Dems’ goal in all this isn’t to actually solve any problem but to attempt to gain political advantage by painting millions of people as being complicit in mass murder. I don’t think they’re going to find that to be a winning argument in the midterms.

Author: Doug Powers

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  1. I seem to recall seeing that gun manufacturers (especially Remington) are have financial problems because the fall-off of gun sales over the past year has left an unexpected huge backlog.

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