#ShePersisted: Here’s the gun grabber narrative-busting video of the week

According to liberals, the women in the below video should have just stood there screaming helplessly and taking shotgun blasts for the seven-to-fifteen minutes it would have taken for cops to respond.

Libs say “guns don’t make us safer” and the so-called “good guy with a gun” argument is a myth. Instead, in reality, #ShePersisted:

Those two clerks should be the poster women for female empowerment but instead the feminists will opt to give that distinction to Bill Clinton’s wife for the 25th year running.

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2 thoughts on “#ShePersisted: Here’s the gun grabber narrative-busting video of the week

  1. OK_Loyalist


    Hometown stuff there Doug

    We also had the one where the 2 gals pasted the guy with a Texas fifth when he pulled a comb in his pocket … was on all the TV shows

  2. txvet2

    It may be only 7-15 minutes where you are, but where I live, I’ve waited for an hour or more for a deputy to show up – before I gave up waiting.

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