Yeah, we need to talk about this Broward County sheriff (yikes)

This guy’s got to go.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel was on CNN this morning, the same network that let him spew liberal talking points at a town hall last week in front of a stacked audience and point a finger of blame at the NRA. He didn’t have it quite as easy this morning, and Israel pretty much beclowned himself:

And don’t even think about making him play the “I’m rubber and your glue” card!

But the sheriff DID get confirmation that it was the NRA’s fault before the town hall? Please. Israel, who has four deputies who failed to defend children, accused Dana Loesch and the NRA of “not defending children.”

That’s from the same guy who defended his department by saying “Hey, we only got 23 red flags about Nikolas Cruz, not 39!”

That guy makes Barney Fife look like Dirty Harry, and he needs to resign or be removed very soon. Oh, and on top of everything else, the sheriff’s demanding an apology from politicians who want to hold him accountable for his own department’s missteps:

He’s GOT to go. Did I mention that already? Israel’s got chutzpah the size of Jupiter.

In the meantime, because they’re super serious about solving the problem, liberals are hoping to stop the next school shooting by threatening to boycott companies that offer discounts to NRA members.

Author: Doug Powers

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