From the look of it Hillary Clinton’s fresh out of influence to peddle

Hillary Clinton’s back to doing what she does best, and that’s saying whatever any given audience wants in return for cash — just a little less cash than she’s used to:

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is back in New Jersey Thursday for a rare public appearance since she lost in her bid for the White House against President Donald Trump.

Clinton is expected to talk politics, American democracy and her role in shaping women’s political history.

Rutgers will pay Clinton $25,000 from an endowment but use no money from tuition or state aid, according to the university.

A Clinton spokesperson told NBC the former secretary of state plans to donate the honorarium for the speech to charity.

For some reason I’m guessing the charity she donated the money to is the Clinton Foundation.

Compared to Hillary’s speaking fees of past years, she’s taking a real hit these days:

After embarrassing herself and creating yet another obstacle for Congressional Democrats to overcome later this year during a disastrous trip to India earlier this month, Hillary Clinton is taking a massive 90% cut to her typical speaking fee for an engagement at one of New Jersey’s most prestigious universities.

That’s to be expected when the people paying your speaking fees know there’s no more political influence to be purchased and are now just paying to hear tales of how in the world Hillary lost to Donald Trump.

Author: Doug Powers

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