CNN’s Jim Acosta had a different opinion of celebs advising the president a couple years ago

CNN’s White House reporter and biased showboat Jim Acosta had a moment about Kim Kardashian visiting President Trump to discuss prison reform:

This totally will NOT shock you, but when Obama was president, Acosta had a completely different take on celebrities advising the president on issues outside their areas of expertise:

What a hack. Nobody who has a shred of shame could take a swipe at Trump meeting with a celebrity after Obama turned the White House into Hollywood East for eight years.

HBO election documentary shows what happens when Dem overconfidence collides head-on with reality

This is what it looks like when all your overconfidence and assumptions collide head-on with reality:

The new HBO documentary on Team Obama’s final year, finishing up with distraught, disturbed, panicked and freaked out Hillary supporters watching her lose what they considered Clinton’s entitlement, contains some depression doozies:

Rhodes former boss said it best: “Elections have consequences.”

I don’t want to ruin the ending, but the documentary that finishes with an inside look at top Dems on 2016 election night closes out this way:

INSTANT classic: Planned Parenthood asks Trump to help bust an employee attempt to unionize

When it comes to multi-leveled hilarity, this one’s a 50-story comedy club located on Irony Boulevard:

That right there is a thing of beauty:

In an unlikely coupling, Planned Parenthood has asked the Trump administration for help in tackling an attempt by some of their staff to unionize.

The organization’s Colorado branch, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, has reached out to some of President Donald Trump’s people on the National Labor Relations Board for help after 153 staff at 14 clinics organized against management, Law and Crime reported on Saturday.

One more thing:

Among the complaints of staff were the amount of hours they worked, versus the amount they were paid, stating they did too many hours for not enough money, particularly highlighting the work they did took an emotional toll.

Um, it’s worth considering that the “emotional toll” is called their consciences, and maybe it’s time to find a different line of work.

Dems on pace to win another ‘NRA Membership Salespeople of the Year’ award

Well done, Dems!

When it comes to helping sell guns and NRA memberships, I didn’t think anybody could outdo Barack Obama, but the subsequent class of Dems has taken the unintentional consequence backfire to soaring new heights:

@AngusParvo replied: “The NRA should send David Hogg a muffin basket.” And then some!

The official theme song of the “blame law-abiding gun owners for mass murders” political movement:

WHAT media bias? Totally objective ‘journalists’ fail to mention when these photos were taken

“Why so many people are skeptical of the media,” People’s Exhibit #3,403:

A former Obama administration official, liberal activists and journalists incorrectly shared pictures of children sleeping in enclosed cages from 2014 to take a swipe at the Trump administration and its zero-tolerance policy towards parents and children crossing the border illegally.

It turns out the photographs were published by The Arizona Republic in 2014 after the authorities detained over 1,000 children who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border illegally and placed them in a detention facility. The Daily Calller first reported on the error.

Former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau tweeted one of the pictures showing kids in one of the enclosures, criticized the government for neglecting the children.

“This is happening right now, and the only debate that matters is how we force our government to get these kids back to their families as fast as humanly possible,” Favreau reportedly said before deleting the tweet.

Many “journalists” and other libs shared this photo without mentioning it was from 2014:

It got so bad the original source of the story had to put out a reminder:

And the media wonder why they rank somewhere between Hillary Clinton and Mr. Haney from Green Acres when it comes to trustworthiness?

There was another picture from the Obama-era getting passed around by the lib media as evidence of Trump’s awfulness:

And that picture is from 2016 (and the buses were used to take kids on field trips not to detention centers), but was shared by many so-called journalists who didn’t mention it wasn’t a recent photo. But AT LONG LAST liberals and the media get critical of the Obama administration — though many of them don’t even realize it.

Hillary Clinton calls for end of Electoral College so future off-putting Dem candidates can run crappy campaigns but win anyway

She’s been chewing on her election loss so long she’s got to have chipped teeth by now.

Instead of just admitting she botched it by not going to Wisconsin and running an inept campaign based on the assumption she was going to win combined with calling half the country “deplorable,” Hillary Clinton figures it’d be easier at this point to just alter the constitutional way we elect our presidents:

“In the book, you make no attempt to hide your displeasure about the Electoral College. You say on page 386, ‘the godforsaken Electoral College.’ You mention winning the popular vote, obviously, multiple times in the book,” Cooper noted.

“Do you think the Electoral College should be abolished?” he asked.

“I said that in 2000 after what happened in the 2000 election with Al Gore,” Clinton said.

Gore lost the 2000 election to President George W. Bush in spite of winning the popular vote by just over half a million votes.

“I was elected to the Senate that same year, and if you look at our recent history, we’ve had several candidates, nominees, who have won the popular vote and lost the Electoral College,” Clinton said. “What does that say? And it says that an anachronism that was designed for another time no longer works. We’ve moved toward one person, one vote, that’s how we select winners.”

“I think it needs to be eliminated. I’d like to see us move beyond it, yes,” she said.

Founding Fathers: No, shrill sore loser, actually the system is still working exactly as we intended.

Hillary’s been chewing on her loss so long she’s just got to have chipped teeth by now:

Every time Hillary talks anymore, no matter what she says, this is all I hear:

Oops: David Hogg leads protest of Publix donations to pro-NRA candidate, ends up reducing Planned Parenthood funding

Not enough schools teach the Law of Unintended Consequences

Anti-NRA protesters, led by Parkland student-turned-anti-NRA-activist David Hogg, headed to a Publix store recently for a “die-in” after it was found out that the company had made a donation to a pro-NRA Florida gubernatorial candidate:

But because not nearly enough schools teach the Law of Unintended Consequences, the lefty agitators didn’t think it all the way through, because the store ended up suspending all political donations — and I mean ALL:

Hogg’s stunt may have also cost money to liberal causes near and dear to his little leftist heart. Not only does Publix give donations to homeless shelters, but they also make political donations to the YWCA. And what does the YWCA support? Why they support gay marriage and . . . wait for it. . . they’re also a member of the anti-gun Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Not only that, but Publix also gave money to Susan G. Komen and the United Way, which both support Planned Parenthood.

I love the smell of “backfire” to kick off a weekend!

But because Publix is in the midst of learning that caving to the Left is never enough, Hogg has increased his demands and added “extortionist” to his resume:

Enjoy your new lefty pals, Publix! Let this be a lesson to anybody thinking about surrendering to the liberal Resistance mob.

Golden State Warriors coach slams NFL’s new anthem policy, gets dunked on by NBA rulebook

The NFL’s new “no on-field protesting during the National Anthem” policy has been criticized by NBA coach Steve Kerr:

Does Kerr realize what league he works in?

Getting Hillary to admit she’s to blame for her election loss would be easier than finding a liberal with self-awareness.

CONFIRMED: Trump’s MS-13 ‘animal’ comment was INCREDIBLY accurate (on multiple levels)

Looks like a bunch of libs owe Trump a big apology!

Nancy Pelosi was among Democrats triggered by President Trump calling members of MS-13 members “animals,” and she defended members of the murderous and violent gang, along with their “spark of divinity.” Pelosi pretended Trump was referring to all “undocumented immigrants” but she knew exactly who she was defending in order to take a swipe at Trump:

Others on the Left have also slammed Trump calling MS-13 members “animals,” but if they won’t believe the president, maybe they’ll listen to… MS-13 members:

Looks like a bunch of libs owe Trump a big apology!

This particular MS-13 member was convicted of killing a 15-year-old for his initiation. If these are the people Dems want to defend because they despise the president THAT much, they really hate Trump more than they want to take back Congress in November.

Rachel Maddow asked James Clapper the lib media’s hackiest question ever, and naturally he was glad to answer it

“Appeal to ignorance” fallacy is alive and well on MSNBC!

The liberals’ new best buddy is former DNI James Clapper, who says everything they want him to say without a shred of substance to back it up. On MSNBC with Rachel Maddow, Clapper fielded this question that should go into the argumentum ad ignorantiam Hall of Fame:

The “appeal to ignorance” fallacy is alive and well on MSNBC!

Not mentioned in the Maddow tweet was when Clapper also admitted that “some of it hasn’t been proved” — and by “some” he means just about everything.