Dems who watched their party rig a primary for Hillary, defended Bob Menendez and ignored Obama admin’s spying on a GOP candidate introduce anti-corruption platform for midterms


You’ve got to reluctantly give the Democrats points for their willingness to look any possible sense of complete and utter feelings of shame right in the face and yell “F**K OFF!” These people are something else:

Self-awareness takes another holiday!

Democrats are preparing to highlight allegations of corruption surrounding the Trump administration — and a legislative agenda to prevent future abuses — as they continue rolling out their party platform ahead of November’s midterm elections.

The first planks of the “A Better Deal” platform, released last year, focused on the party’s economic agenda. Now, with questions about pay-to-play politics swirling around President Trump and his current and former aides, Democrats are set to introduce anti-corruption proposals Monday billed as “A Better Deal for Our Democracy.”

According to a senior Democratic official familiar with the announcement, the new agenda will include proposals that would eliminate loopholes that allow lobbyists and lawmakers to buy and sell influence without the public’s knowledge. The message: Elect Democrats in November to “clean up the chaos and corruption in Washington.”

I’ll personally give the DNC a couple dollars if they’ll let Bob Menendez do their first anti-corruption commercial.

Author: Doug Powers

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