CONFIRMED: Trump’s MS-13 ‘animal’ comment was INCREDIBLY accurate (on multiple levels)

Looks like a bunch of libs owe Trump a big apology!

Nancy Pelosi was among Democrats triggered by President Trump calling members of MS-13 members “animals,” and she defended members of the murderous and violent gang, along with their “spark of divinity.” Pelosi pretended Trump was referring to all “undocumented immigrants” but she knew exactly who she was defending in order to take a swipe at Trump:

Others on the Left have also slammed Trump calling MS-13 members “animals,” but if they won’t believe the president, maybe they’ll listen to… MS-13 members:

Looks like a bunch of libs owe Trump a big apology!

This particular MS-13 member was convicted of killing a 15-year-old for his initiation. If these are the people Dems want to defend because they despise the president THAT much, they really hate Trump more than they want to take back Congress in November.

Author: Doug Powers

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