INSTANT classic: Planned Parenthood asks Trump to help bust an employee attempt to unionize

When it comes to multi-leveled hilarity, this one’s a 50-story comedy club located on Irony Boulevard:

That right there is a thing of beauty:

In an unlikely coupling, Planned Parenthood has asked the Trump administration for help in tackling an attempt by some of their staff to unionize.

The organization’s Colorado branch, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, has reached out to some of President Donald Trump’s people on the National Labor Relations Board for help after 153 staff at 14 clinics organized against management, Law and Crime reported on Saturday.

One more thing:

Among the complaints of staff were the amount of hours they worked, versus the amount they were paid, stating they did too many hours for not enough money, particularly highlighting the work they did took an emotional toll.

Um, it’s worth considering that the “emotional toll” is called their consciences, and maybe it’s time to find a different line of work.

Author: Doug Powers

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