TWO-FER: Hillary Clinton’s self-awareness still NOWHERE to be found as Trump hammers her with awkward Russia flashback


Time for a Hillary Clinton-related two-fer…

First off, in case you’re wondering if Hillary Clinton’s compunction bypass surgery was a long-term success, I think this latest demonstration of a complete and utter lack of introspection provides an answer:

She has no business criticizing the speed at which any public official defends U.S. diplomats. But to put it into Hillary’s words…


Also this week: Hillary Clinton took a swipe at Trump, saying he’s not nearly tough enough on Russia:

Trump fired back this way:

OOF! There’s a casualty there, and it’s not Trump.

Proof-positive that Chuck Schumer’s all for getting tough on Putin, except when he isn’t

Even an IMAX screen can’t handle this much projection.

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer’s among the most vocal liberals when it comes to sounding the alarm about how President Trump is treating Vladimir Putin:

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer is calling for immediate hearings with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other top officials to learn more about President Donald Trump’s private meeting on Monday with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Our Republican colleagues need to join us in demanding testimony from the president’s national security team that was in Helsinki, and we need to do that immediately,” Schumer declared Tuesday. “We need hearings, as soon as possible, to assess what President Trump might have committed to President Putin in secret. President Trump’s public statements were alarming enough.”

“The Senate needs to know what happened behind closed doors. Does anyone believe he was tougher on Putin in secret? You can’t assume anything but as weak as he was in public with President Putin, he was even worse in private. Why else did he not want anyone in the room?” Schumer asked.

After Trump clarified his comments, Schumer wasn’t buying that either:

Schumer’s talking tough about Putin, but it was a different story back in 2003 when the Russian prez and longtime KGB agent was visiting New York. Schumer’s nose couldn’t possibly have gotten any browner. Watch:

Just look at Schumer getting all tough on Putin right to his face!

And hey, is that a bow at the 40 second mark?

Never mind that just a few years ago the Dems roared with applause after Obama mocked Mitt Romney’s comments about Russia. DC libs are the last people who should be accusing Trump of not being tough enough on Putin. Even an IMAX screen isn’t big enough to handle all this projection.

Media manages to report on Michelle Obama’s ‘nonpartisan’ voter registration push without laughing


Imagine being able to publish the word “non-partisan” when talking about any initiative headed by Michelle Obama? It’s not a bridge too far for Politico and others:

The word “nonpartisan” here should only be said while accompanied by the most exaggerated finger quotes possible:

Michelle Obama is jumping into the 2018 campaigns with a voter registration initiative that will be strictly nonpartisan — exciting and frustrating top Democrats who’d like the popular former first lady to actively campaign for candidates.

The initiative, scheduled to be launched Thursday, is the result of months of quiet conversations and planning full of false starts and uncertainty about whether to go forward. It will have the former first lady appear in public service announcements and at live events throughout the country into the fall, according to multiple people informed of the plans.

She’ll be joined by several A-list celebrities, including actor Tom Hanks, country stars Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, Houston Rockets star Chris Paul, singer Janelle Monae and “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Nothing says “nonpartisan” movement to me more than the inclusion of Michelle Obama and the “Hamilton” creator who said Trump’s going straight to hell.

Totally non-biased former FBI director: Vote for Dems this November or you’re not a patriot

Speaking of interfering in elections…

Are we completely sure that James Comey didn’t send text messages to Peter Strzok under the pseudonym “Lisa Page”? The more this guy talks the more I’m convinced there was in fact a Deep State cabal hell bent on dragging Hillary Clinton across the finish line:

And yet the Dems actually want everybody to believe this guy went out of his way to derail HILLARY’S campaign.

Ever notice that when people like Comey say policy differences don’t matter, it’s only Republicans who are supposed to put aside their policy differences?

Hillary’s 2016 campaign advisers are really handling her loss well (cue eye roll)

This is as close to the inside of the White House they’ll get.

Two former advisers to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, Philippe Reines and Adam Parkhomenko, staged an emergency protest near the White House last night after the Trump/Putin press conference. Nice to see they’re handing Clinton’s loss — and it was a loss — so maturely:

“Definitely in need of chants”?

How about “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Hillary should have gone to Wisconsin, no?”

And they’re planning more for tonight. What I find most fascinating about these ongoing snit fits is the number of people who have so much f***ing free time. But I guess it beats these guys being busy working in the White House — and those pictures are as close to the inside as they’ll get.


Also, if you’re keeping score at home update your talking points accordingly…

Out: He colluded with Russia so IMPEACH!

In: Help us buy a big balloon:

The average pre-school class behaves more maturely.

John Brennan slams Trump for ‘giving Putin a pass’ on stuff that happened while HE was CIA director under Obama

Part of the problem now wants to be part of the solution!

Former CIA Director John Brennan has said that Trump’s behavior towards Russia and Putin has exceeded the “high crimes & misdemeanors” threshold and is “nothing short of treasonous.”

Brennan is of course now a big-time media darling because he’s so Resistance-y, and on the Today Show this morning he sounded the alarm again:

All those things — all of it — happened while Brennan was in charge of U.S. Central Intelligence (and while Obama was president). But I wouldn’t expect the media to be very vocal in pointing all that out while listening to the same people who allowed the problem to grow explain how it should all be fixed. It’s always fun when part of the problem wants to be part of the solution.

We live in a bizarre time.

Ha! At least ABC News’ election meddling roundtable featured somebody with actual experience

She should sit this one out, but the MSM won’t let her.

Why the mainstream media lost credibility long ago, part 3,538: ABC News’ panel talking about election meddling featured the notorious question leaker Donna Brazile:

Well, Brazile certainly has some experience in that area, that’s for sure! Flashback:

Donna should really sit this one out, but apparently the MSM isn’t going to let her.

Dems on Russia today vs. Dems on Russia yesterday

They sure sounded different before they completely lost power.

As you’re well aware, Democrats are sounding the “Russia” alarm over a bunch of stuff that happened when Obama was still president:

If there’s no “blue wave” in November, the Dems will blame Russia instead of their open borders, abortion cheering, tax cut-slamming messaging that middle America finds repugnant, but I digress.

For an explanation why Russia may have felt emboldened, maybe all we need to do is look at what the party in power was saying about them a few years ago. Do these sound like people who believed Russia was a threat to the Republic?

And let’s not forget Obama’s “more flexibility” promise that Medvedev said he’d “transmit to Vladimir”:

And even though the Obama administration knew about Russia’s meddling in 2016 (Obama said he told Putin to “cut it out”), no Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, thought it was a big deal because they were oh-so-certain that she was going to trounce Trump in the election:

The fact is that if Hillary Clinton won nobody would even be talking about Russia’s meddling (that’s been going on for decades) right now.

NBC News bombshell: Trump’s golf course in Scotland loses money like many other courses, meaning Putin might be giving him money to maintain it, or something

If not standing up to Putin means you’re receiving $$ from him, how much did Obama get?

For my money the funniest part of this NBC News report about Trump losing money on his golf club in Scotland is that it’s about 8 minutes long and they wait until the last 15 seconds to point out that golf course owners rarely profit from their properties. But whatever it takes to help the Democrats keep life in their Russia narrative:

That story — the entire thing — is based on one golf writer’s claim four years ago that Eric Trump told him the family gets from Russia some of the money for courses they buy, which Trump has denied.

Top Dem “Russia collusion” conspiracy theorist Rep. Adam Schiff picked up on NBC’s report quickly, of course:

If not standing up to Putin means you’re receiving $$ from Russia, how much did Obama get?

‘Thump Trump’ punching bag in London proves some people are better cut out for nonviolent protest

Is this the Euro Pajama Boy or what!?

Trump was in London Friday, and Resistance Brits took a crack at the “Thump Trump” punching bag. Take a look at the awesome display of fighting talent (via Twitchy):

I think this one’s the Euro-Pajama Boy:

In my head I heard that clip announced by Howard Cosell saying “Down goes manhood! DOWN GOES MANHOOD!”

Here are a couple more London Resistance members taking a punch therapy class:

Well I hope they got that anger out of their systems because if they keep it up they might have about six more years of Trump to punch their way through. Also, UK votes don’t count in US elections.