Dumbest pitch for socialism ever? You decide (and no, it’s not from Ocasio-Cortez)

Simply amazing

A professor of political science at Brooklyn College has penned one of the most unintentionally comical articles in recent memory. It seems Corey Robin is down with socialism, and his New York Times op-ed spells out why in spectacularly idiotic fashion:

The socialist argument against capitalism isn’t that it makes us poor. It’s that it makes us unfree. When my well-being depends upon your whim, when the basic needs of life compel submission to the market and subjugation at work, we live not in freedom but in domination. Socialists want to end that domination: to establish freedom from rule by the boss, from the need to smile for the sake of a sale, from the obligation to sell for the sake of survival.

The “professor” obviously has never cracked a history book in his entire life. Parents, if you’re sending your kids to Brooklyn College you’re paying idiots to fill their heads with BS.

And I can’t believe a human being actually wrote these words without spontaneously combusting:

For liberals, these are policies to alleviate economic misery. For socialists, these are measures of emancipation, liberating men and women from the tyranny of the market and autocracy at work. Back in the 1930s, it was said that liberalism was freedom plus groceries. The socialist, by contrast, believes that making things free makes people free.

Hey, with the exception of all the people forced to labor to provide all the free goods and services for socialist utopia-seeking ne’er-do-wells, he NAILED IT. Good lord, how is anybody that clueless?

Probably the most depressing thing that speaks volumes is how many positive comments there were to that dream world floater disguised as serious thought.

What makes this incredibly ironic is that his “free stuff is freedom” argument is behind the New York Times paywall. What would Marx do?

According to former AG Eric Holder, the following people were arrested for a problem that ‘simply does not exist’

Four years ago, then-Attorney General Eric Holder dismissed calls for voter ID laws by saying this:

ARI MELBER, MSNBC: When some Republicans say that voter identification is for election integrity and thus is different than the history of racial discrimination we have seen in this country, they may be of good faith but you think they are wrong.

ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC HOLDER: Yes. There are some, I think, who are coming from a good-faith perspective, but I think many are using it for partisan advantage. The reality is that all of the studies show that this whole question of ballot integrity, in-person voter fraud, simply does not exist to the extent that would warrant these kinds of measures. We had the commission that the president appointed just yesterday and they indicated this was not a significant — not a significant problem.

Fast-forward the tape to this week:

Federal voting fraud charges were filed in Wilmington, N.C., Friday against 19 foreign nationals who allegedly voted in the 2016 election. A 20th person was charged with aiding and abetting one of the 19 in falsely claiming U.S. citizenship in order to register to vote.

The 19 were from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Nigeria, the Philippines, Panama, Grenada, Guyana, Japan, El Salvador, Italy, Haiti, Korea, Germany and Poland. They ranged in age from 26 to 71.

Nine of the defendants were charged with making a false claim of citizenship in order to register to vote. Eight were charged with “voting by an alien.”

And of course the Democrats’ opposition to confirming via ID that every voter is legally allowed to cast a ballot is made even more comical in light of all their claims of Russian meddling.

Perfect: Michael Cohen’s attorney Lanny Davis tries to help his client raise money, sends everybody to Trump campaign website instead

Former Bill Clinton legal counsel and general all-around super-weasel attorney Lanny Davis is making the rounds these days on behalf of his client Michael Cohen. During an appearance on NBC, Davis promoted a GoFundMe account to raise money for his client:

You’ll notice that the audience laughed, and perhaps that’s because the comedy here is twofold. 1) The sheer shamelessness of the request, and 2) Because the site Davis promoted, “MichaelCohenTruth.com,” re-directs to a Donald Trump campaign site:

Now that’s the first decent thing Lanny Davis has done in quite a while!

Elizabeth Warren laments how illegal immigrants are treated after being asked about murder of Mollie Tibbetts

“Dances with Identity Fraud” has heap big priorities.

If Elizabeth Warren runs for president in 2020 and this isn’t featured in about 500 GOP ads the Republicans don’t deserve to win:

“Dances With Identity Fraud” has heap big priorities.

PERFECT: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doubles down on raising the minimum wage after restaurant closes (guess why it closed)

It’s even funnier when you remember she’s an economics major.

The Left’s socialist rock star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is going to redouble efforts to get elected and push her dream policies, including increasing the minimum wage as much as possible, after visiting a restaurant that’s closing:

AOC’s going to “raise the wage” even more after being inspired by that story. And that of course means she’d be helping create more stories like that to be inspired by:

Hahaha! You can’t make that stuff up. It’s even funnier when you remember she was an economics major in college. If I ran Boston University I’d offer to pay her handsomely if she’s start telling people she got her education somewhere else.

Latest awful thing that global warming denial has helped cause: Aretha Franklin’s death


The list of things that are alleged to have been caused by global warming (the preferred summertime usage) and climate change (the preferred wintertime usage) “denial” can already wrap twice around the Earth at the equator, and thanks to Stevie Wonder the list just got a little longer:

Stevie Wonder visited the ailing star days before she died and said that at that point she was unable to speak.

“We have to celebrate her life and continue the legacy by letting people of all the various genres hear the music that influenced us all,” Wonder told CBS This Morning’.

Wonder drew a line between the increase of cancer and the ignorance of global warming. “I just feel that all these various diseases that we have and all that is happening in the world in part is because there are those who don’t believe in global warming, don’t believe that what we do affects the world,” he said. “What we eat affects the world and affects us. I just hope that people will grow up out of the foolishness and know that we all, by how we think, how we view, how we treat others, we will never unlock the key until we truly let go of the hatred, the bigotry, the evilness, the selfishness. We do that and we can unlock some of those things that keep us in this place”.

A 76-year-old woman passed away. If that’s not enough evidence to convince you man-made global warming is real and an emergency, nothing will.

NOT The Onion:


Bill de Blasio extends commitment to recycling all the way to Trump admin’s slogan

As a “green” eco-conscious progressive politician, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio likes to promote recycling, and he leads by example. Here’s proof:

Mayor Bill de Blasio and President Trump don’t agree on much, but they both seem to like the same slogan.

Hizzoner appeared in front of a sign declaring “Promises Made, Promises Kept” at a groundbreaking for a new, 1000-seat school in East New York on Monday.

Trump and the GOP have repeatedly used the same slogan to tout the White House’s accomplishments.

Trump’s campaign posted a video on YouTube in September 2017 with the slogan and another on Facebook in July.

The White House has been using this slogan since last year:

De Blasio this week:

He should at least be made to cite the Trump administration as the author of that slogan. Besides, I think “Great Leap Forward” would be a much more fitting slogan for Comrade de Blasio.

Helpful! James Clapper inadvertently spells out why John Brennan shouldn’t have a security clearance

Blind squirrels, nuts, etc.

Former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, is obviously no fan of Trump, but he was on to something here even if he didn’t mean to be:

Clapper described — perhaps inadvertently but perfectly — why axing Brennan’s security clearance was the right move: A former intel official who’s a super-partisan “freight train” of very public anger towards the president shouldn’t have a clearance. Barring proven “high crimes and misdemeanors” it’s up to the voters to decide who should be president — not some rage-driven, bitter Deep State operative who’s pissed off that somebody’s pulling back the curtain the occasionally ugly inner workings of the federal government.

The Resistance unleashes left’s last line of defense against Kavanaugh confirmation: Homemade Handmaid’s Tale costumes

You know, I was fairly certain that Trump’s SCOTUS nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, would be narrowly confirmed by the Senate. But now that I see the lengths to which the Resistance’s most vocal cultists have gone to try and stop him, I’m… even more certain Kavanaugh will be confirmed:

Call this spinoff “A Handmaid’s Fail.” The red signified the blushing that would be taking place if they weren’t missing whatever part of the brain causes one to feel embarrassment.

What outfits will they be wearing AFTER Kavanaugh is confirmed? Most likely straight jackets.

Media & Resistance warriors (pardon the redundancy) flip out over ICE arresting man driving pregnant wife to hospital, skip an important detail

“Journalism” 2018.

I’ve seen a whole bunch of outrage over this story from liberals who rarely if ever seem curious about the full details of an arrest by ICE. The media mostly just fueled the outrage part:

Many were quick to jump on it, because, you know, Trump’s president and everything is inhumane now:

Rep. Joe Kennedy and former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau were among the outraged:

If Kennedy thinks that’s heartless wait until he sees “Chappaquiddick”! But I digress…

Sounds like ICE is pretty awful, right? Oh, but there’s an important bit of context to add to the story that some media outlets might not be too quick to put out there since it pours a bit of cold water on the outrage. At least some media outlets are following up with all the facts:

THAT detail won’t get nearly the circulation that the first part of the story received.