Lurch Forward? Guess who isn’t ruling out a 2020 run (‘YES!’ – RNC)

Plus: Obama gets kicked under the bus

There will be so many Democrats running for that party’s nomination in 2020 that the DNC’s early debates will have to be held at the Superdome, and that’s just to hold all the candidates. One person who could be there is John Kerry:

Former Secretary of State John Kerry won’t rule out a run for the White House in 2020, but talking about it now is just a distraction, he tells “Face the Nation” anchor Margaret Brennan. The interview will be featured September 2 on CBS’ “Sunday Morning” and on “Face the Nation.”

Kerry (whose new memoir is titled “Every Day Is Extra”) also talks with Brennan about his role in politics today, the current political environment, his relationship with the late Sen. John McCain, and his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry.

Now in private life, the former Massachusetts senator and Secretary of State under President Obama has watched as much of his political legacy – including the Iran nuclear deal and the climate change accord – has been upended under the Trump administration. Disappointment in those actions has motivated Kerry to attempt to help Democrats regain political control.

We’ll know for sure Kerry’s in if he’s spotted before too long walking into a store in the midwest and asking “can I get me a hunting license here?”

And you know, maybe Kerry is considering a 2020 run, because he’s already throwing his former boss under the bus:

Obama oversaw the nearly complete destruction of the Democratic Party during his eight years, so distancing himself from the former president would be one of the first things Kerry would have to do if he’s in fact considering another run.

Author: Doug Powers

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