Kavanaugh’s Senate hearing is surprisingly civil in tone, rich in substance and ….. BAHAHAHAHA — sorry, I couldn’t get through that

Lots of 2020 ads getting filmed under the Big Top today

The Senate hearing for SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh quickly turned into such a clown show that rumor has it the Dems contacted the Ringling Brothers via Ouija Board for help in organizing the entire three-ring circus.

It started with Dems, most using the occasion to film 2020 presidential campaign sound bites, calling on the hearing to be adjourned because of documents they say exist that they want to see before voting “no” on the nomination anyway:

Blumenthal sure nailed it when he said it was a “mockery of our norms” — except it’s because Dems are the ones making it a mockery.

Kamala Harris had an irony bypass years ago and obviously doesn’t understand why this accusation is so shameless:

Cory Booker inadvertently spelled out why a full vote should happen NOW instead of any more delay:

It’s a “perverse process” just because Booker doesn’t like who won the presidential election — too bad the Dems insisted on trying to drag a crap candidate across the finish line because they felt she was entitled to the job.

And of course another Dem angle is protesters:

Shockingly, the dictatorial patriarchy in the oppressive Republic of Gilead does still allow women to use iPhones.

The whole fiasco has been carefully scripted and planned by Dem leadership and the Senate’s slimiest of worms, Chuck Schumer:

So to bring you up to speed real fast, this is basically the Dems at the hearing:

The Republicans should just close down the Big Top, put an end to the circus, and take a full vote now.

Author: Doug Powers

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