The curtain got dropped FAST on Cory Booker’s SCOTUS hearing Spartacus theater

Senator Cory Booker swung for the Tony Award fences at the Kavanaugh hearing today with this dramatic performance which he referred to as a “Spartacus moment,” which was actually the same old clown show we’ve seen the last couple of days:

Booker said he risked his Senate career by releasing classified material but it had to be done in order to save the Republic, or something. The Democrats seized the moment to make Booker a Resistance hero:

There was just one detail Booker didn’t mention because it would have spoiled his performance: The documents were cleared for release the night before:

But at least Booker got enough footage to use in an ad for his potential 2020 presidential campaign, and that’s all it was about.

Author: Doug Powers

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