Actor’s net worth BEFORE going all-in on ‘share the wealth’ socialism: $150 million — Actor’s net worth AFTER: $150 million

A real-life Dumb & Dumber moment right here

Is there anything funnier than rich liberals sitting around saying there needs to be a “share the wealth” socialism political movement in America. These concerned libs who think the rich aren’t paying their fair share do a lot with their hands while advocating for socialism during these discussions, but reaching for their own checkbooks isn’t one of them. This is a real-life Dumb & Dumber act right here:

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Carrey’s worth around $150 million bucks. If Carrey and his money moved to Venezuela, that would translate to 37,278,000,000,000 Bolivars, and he could live on that for, well, probably not that long, partly because he’d have to use about half of it for toilet paper. But sure, “say yes to socialism!”

Author: Doug Powers

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