Former SecState who wasn’t capable of getting elected president: Trump’s not capable of being president

Give it a rest, Lurch

Former Secretary of State and 2004 Dem nominee for president is in full “Resist” mode these days (except when it comes to getting puffed full of Botox), and on CNN recently he tried to spell out why Trump’s not capable or qualified for the job of president:

JOHN KERRY, FMR. SECRETARY OF STATE: I think it’s more than doesn’t seem capable. We have confirmed now for more than a year and a half examples by virtue of people who write a book and talk to a person like [Bob] Woodward and tell him what they’re saying and observing. Woodward is obviously a terrific reporter knows how to gather his facts and protect his flanks, so his credibility is very, very high.

Some of the evidence comes directly from the president himself. For instance when you tweet chastising the Attorney General of the United States for following the law and doing what the Justice Department is supposed to do, by holding Republican congressmen as accountable as anybody else and indicting them, and the president puts it in the context of affecting the elections, you have a president who clearly doesn’t understand America, doesn’t understand the Constitution, doesn’t understand the role of the Justice Department, the separation of powers, and that’s dangerous.

What a tool:

A lecture on the need to understand the “separation of powers” coming from the Secretary of State under the “pen & phone” president is hilarious. And do we really need a warning about what’s “dangerous” for America coming from the guy who helped deliver the “pallet of cash” to the world’s #1 state sponsor of terrorism? Give it a rest, Lurch.

Author: Doug Powers

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