No, there’s no pro-Dem bias at Google, why do you ask?

This leak will pour cold water on the Dems’ recent appreciation for “anonymous sources”

Breitbart News obtained video of a Google leadership team meeting that was held the day after Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 election. It’s incredibly telling:

The Dems have shown a tremendous appreciation for anonymous sources lately, but this might temporarily put a stop to that:

A video recorded by Google shortly after the 2016 presidential election reveals an atmosphere of panic and dismay amongst the tech giant’s leadership, coupled with a determination to thwart both the Trump agenda and the broader populist movement emerging around the globe.

The video is a full recording of Google’s first all-hands meeting following the 2016 election (these weekly meetings are known inside the company as “TGIF” or “Thank God It’s Friday” meetings). Sent to Breitbart News by an anonymous source, it features co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, VPs Kent Walker and Eileen Naughton, CFO Ruth Porat, and CEO Sundar Pichai. It can be watched in full above. It can and should be watched in full above in order to get the full context of the meeting and the statements made.

Yeah, these are the people who deny there’s a pro-Dem bias among social media outlets:

Notice this Google exec says a colleague referred to the Dem side as “we” in reference to Clinton’s loss:

Geez, even Ben Rhodes didn’t take Hillary’s loss that hard. Imagine shedding tears because your terrible candidate of choice couldn’t win an election — that’s some cult-like zeal there.

Google claimed, get this, that the video doesn’t provide any evidence that personal feelings impact the company’s decisions:


The full video can be seen here.

Author: Doug Powers

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