Confirmed: Sen. Bob Menendez’s self-awareness is STILL missing

Taking shamelessness to new heights

The wind-up from 2017:

Federal prosecutors said Monday that they aren’t convinced claims U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez cavorted with underage hookers – widely seen as discredited – are false.

Lawyers for the New Jersey Democrat last week asked a federal judge to dismiss charges that the senator took bribes from a Florida eye doctor, Salomon Melgen, and in exchange used his power to do business and personal favors for him.

Prosecutors said the hooker allegations against Sen. Bob Menendez ‘were not so easily disprovable as the defendants suggest.’

And the pitch, from yesterday:

How is it possible for a human being to be so completely and utterly shameless?

But at least Bob Menendez just provided all the evidence we need to show why Bob Menendez shouldn’t be in the U.S. Senate.

Author: Doug Powers

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