Juanita Broaddrick’s blowing the lid off Senate Dems’ glaring hypocrisy


Shameless Democrats who defended Bill Clinton, supported his wife who helped smear her husband’s accusers in the early 1990s and were pals with people like Harvey Weinstein are now aghast at claims of sexual assault, as long as it’s against somebody who’s not an ideological fellow traveler. Here’s Chuck Schumer:

Juanita Broaddrick’s not letting him get away with that:

Unfortunately that’s one call the Dems REFUSE to answer.

Dianne Feinstein also walked into a hornet’s nest of hypocrisy after this claim that was responded to by Broaddrick:

Glad you brought it up, senator!

None of what we’re seeing from Dems in DC right now about Kavanaugh and his accuser have a damn thing to do with getting to the truth. This is all about revenge for Merrick Garland, regardless of who has to be smeared in the process.

Author: Doug Powers

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