America: Well, the media can’t possibly sink lower. Media: Hold our beer!


In case you’re wondering how deep the “media” is willing to drill for anti-Trump admin scoops, they got out the diamond-tipped drill to get this far down:

So much for “teacher/former student privilege.” The media has obviously decided that flat-out embarrassing themselves is the only way to go at this point.

Irony overload alert: Billionaire Dem megadonor Tom Steyer says ‘rich entitled white men’ are trying to control politics

What a toolbag

Hey, money might not be able to buy happiness, but it can buy an operation to bypass any sense of self-awareness whatsoever:

Asked for his thoughts on last week’s confirmation battle over Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Steyer helpfully explained, “A group of very rich, very entitled white men wanted to tell the country, ‘We are going to have our way. And if you don’t like it, that’s too darned bad.'” This makes it incumbent, Steyer says, on Democrats to use the midterm elections to “tell those rich, entitled white men that we exist and democracy exists.”

If Steyer were really that triggered by rich white men dabbling in politics he’d have punched himself in the face. This is what ZERO self-awareness looks like:

That’s from the same rich white guy who pledged to give about $30 million to get House Dems elected this year. What a toolbag.

Good luck with that! On Kavanaugh’s first day, lefties continue same protest that failed to stop his confirmation

The Handmaid’s Fail

Brett Kavanaugh’s first day at the Supreme Court saw a bunch of women who are completely free to protest and make fools of themselves all they want pretending to be horribly oppressed by a new Supreme Court justice they don’t like who was nominated by a president they hate:

Yep, it’s the same shtick that didn’t stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation in the first place, but maybe it’ll work this time! This should henceforth be referred to as The Handmaid’s Fail.

That sad cosplay spectacle follows days of lefties embarrassing themselves, their parents and all their ancestors:

Who’s got a weird hat, loud voice, lots of free time and hates Trump & Kavanaugh? THIS guy:

“This is what democracy looks like!”

The U.S. is a Republic, not a democracy, but for the sake of argument, do they know what else democracy looks like?

To sum up the week liberals had…

And then some.

LOL-a-Palooza: Bill & Hillary Clinton going on arena tour, will skip Wisconsin (again)

Special seating for “deplorables”?

This will probably be the most time Bill and Hillary have spent together since Bubba spent an entire afternoon trying to explain to his wife why the smell of pizza always caused him to remove his pants:

Former President Bill Clinton and failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will tour the country in 2018 and 2019 for a “one-of-a-kind conversation with two individuals who have helped shape our world and had a front seat to some of the most important moments in modern history,” according to tour producer Live Nation.

Oh great, there will be more embellished old stories than you’d hear on ten episodes of Antiques Roadshow.

Fittingly enough, so far Wisconsin is not on the tour schedule:

The tour will begin in Las Vegas on Nov. 18 and move on to states that include Texas, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Washington, and California. The tour wraps up in May of 2019, around the time 2020 presidential campaigns will kick off.

Since losing the presidency in November 2016, Clinton has continued to speak out against her opponent, President Donald Trump. At the Atlantic Festival in Washington, D.C., last week, she criticized Trump and his voters as racist, sexist, anti-LGBT, and Islamaphobic.

The contract rider containing the list of questions attendees are NOT allowed to ask the Clintons is going to be thicker than War & Peace.

No word yet on if there will be a special seating section for “deplorables.”

In related news, I ran across this flashback today and it’s pretty damn funny considering how Hillary’s behaved since she lost:

Great moments in progressive Hollywood double standards, part 4,205


Well, Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court yesterday, and the liberal meltdown make Three Mile Island look like a small engine backfire.

One of the most vocal celebs opposing Kavanaugh has been Alyssa Milano, who says she’s come so far on the issue she’s also prepared to hold Bill Clinton accountable (20 years later):

Anybody buying that? You shouldn’t. Milano tweeted this a few years ago and it was up until just a few days ago, when it magically disappeared:

There are no double standards like progressive double standards!

Backfire: NPR poll suggests Dems are sabotaging their own hopes for a ‘blue wave’ with Kavanaugh circus acts

Way to go, libs!

Give ’em enough rope and they’ll hang themselves every time.

Just over a month away from critical elections across the country, the wide Democratic enthusiasm advantage that has defined the 2018 campaign up to this point has disappeared, according to a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll.

In July, there was a 10-point gap between the number of Democrats and Republicans saying the November elections were “very important.” Now, that’s down to 2 points, a statistical tie.

Look at the graph in the linked story and you’ll see that enthusiasm of Republican women has skyrocketed since the Democrats started their sick circus intended to derail the Kavanaugh nomination at any cost and no matter who gets smeared.

Journalistic malpractice update: Kavanaugh ‘bombshells’ put last shred of media credibility on ice

They can’t stop validating Trump’s media slams

Thanks to Sen. Jeff Flake, the Dems and mainstream media (pardon the redundancy) have an extra week to extend their three-ring circus into a surreal and full-blown clown show. What started as an allegation that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted somebody when he was in school has turned into this embarrassing show of desperation:

And of course you can always count on the rest of the “media” to jump in and help fling crap like that everywhere:

And by the way, the “reporter” who dug up that story the Times published is a card-carrying liberal Kavanaugh hater who said this back in July:

In a statement, the New York Times stood by the story, saying the information she reported was a matter of public record. They just don’t see the problem, do they? And that’s the whole problem. The Times is basically publishing stories that are indistinguishable from DNC press releases and they don’t think that’s an issue.

The MSM just can’t stop helping not only validate Trump’s slams on the press, but beg for them.

Mitch McConnell is right to mercilessly mock the media’s no-shame approach (they’ve gotten even better at it since the election of Trump):

NBC News put yet another nail in the coffin of MSM credibility by interviewing people with claims they can’t — and probably barely even tried — to verify:

If somebody came along with allegations like that against a prominent liberal there’s ZERO chance the person would get interview air time. But Michael Avenatti certainly appreciates the media’s willingness to commit journalistic malpractice.