Howard ‘YAAARRGHH’ Dean goes full ghoul: ‘Democrats are a lot more energized’ after Pittsburgh shootings

Stay classy

Every now and then Dem flacks just flat-out admit what they’re all about, and it’s not good:

On MSNBC this morning, former chairman of the DNC Howard Dean was on Morning Joe to talk about the upcoming midterm elections and said that the horrific anti-Semitic slayings in Pittsburgh have “energized” Democrats for the vote.
“I do think there is a tendency towards voting Democratic,” he continued. “And I think Democrats are a lot more energized, particularly, I hate to say this, after the shootings in Pittsburgh which, where Trump really showed his true colors, and then went right back to demonizing Jews shortly after the shooting.”

In trying to say Trump showed his true colors, Dean showed the Dems’ true colors, which are a deep shade of despicable:

Stay classy, Howard.

Author: Doug Powers

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