James Comey said Republicans ‘came up empty’ after questioning him again, and now we know why

Run-out-the-clock time!

Former FBI Director James Comey challenged House Republicans to question him again either in public or private. In the end, Comey ended up testifying before two different House committees simultaneously in a behind-closed-doors session, but he said investigators got nothing new:

And do you know why nothing new was learned? Because Comey took a pass on a whole lot of questions:

Comey knows it’s “run out the clock” time because the Democrats will soon be in control of the House and have pretty much let him know that the investigations (of Comey) will end while the search for anything that confirms the libs’ 2016 narrative will ramp up.

If you’re so inclined, a transcript of Comey’s behind-closed-door responses (or lack thereof) is here.

Author: Doug Powers

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