Trump gave Pelosi, Schumer and their past ‘transparency’ preaching a big ol’ hypocrisy wedgie during Tuesday’s WH meeting

It’s about time

It’s been barely over a months since the soon-to-be Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi reiterated her commitment to an open and transparent government:

Chuck Schumer has also taken Trump to task by claiming the president doesn’t truly care about transparency:

But on Tuesday at the White House, Pelosi, along with Senate Minority Leader and super-weasel Chuck Schumer, weren’t happy that Trump let the whole meeting about debate over a funding bill play out for the whole world to see:

President Trump and congressional Democratic leaders ripped off the bandage over their raw, partisan disagreements Tuesday in open bickering that offered a glimpse of the divided government to come in the next two years.

During a White House meeting intended to seek common ground to avoid a partial government shutdown next week, the president and incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Charles Schumer instead squabbled over funding for the border wall, traded blame for the last shutdown and jousted over which party commands the stronger political hand since the mid-term elections.

“Unfortunately, this has spiraled downward,” Mrs. Pelosi told the president as their quarreling grew more intense in the Oval Office, which was adorned incongruously with festive holiday decorations.

Most of the feuding played out on camera in front of reporters who were invited by the president to cover the meeting. The Democrats pleaded with Mr. Trump several times to kick out the press.

“Let’s debate in private,” Mr. Schumer urged as cameras continued to roll.
Mrs. Pelosi complained, “This is the most unfortunate thing. We came in here in good faith, and we are entering into this kind of a discussion in the public view.”

“But it’s not bad, Nancy,” Mr. Trump said. “It’s called transparency.”

Hahaha! Watching Pelosi (of “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it” notoriety) have her BS about wanting transparency shoved back in her face is a real thing of beauty. Ditto for Chuck.

Here are some of the other highlights from the Trump/Schumer/Pelosi meeting. No wonder the Dems don’t want cameras rolling when their faux caring about border security is getting called out:

Author: Doug Powers

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