Thud: Here’s how the Dems’ dire warnings about net neutrality repeal have held up after a year

Another liberal BS fail

In 2017, one of the issues that Democrats said was going to kill off anybody who was lucky enough to survive tax cuts or Trump-nominated judges was the repeal of Obama-era net neutrality regulations. Well, if not kill everybody off, it was at least supposed to make us have crappier and more expensive internet connections while we awaited Judgment Day from that other stuff. Here’s a sample of the Dems and their supporters:

However, one year after the Obama-era regs were repealed, the Dems and their allies have been proven, not surprisingly, wrong again. Fast-forward one year after the above warnings:

At what point does the vast majority of Americans stop taking the Dems’ across-the-board alarmist crap serious? From climate change to Judge Kavanaugh to net neutrality repeal — they’re wrong constantly. But being a congressional Democrat isn’t about being correct, it’s about convincing as many people as possible to buy your BS, and too many do.

Author: Doug Powers

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