What could possibly go wrong? Elizabeth Warren wants the federal gov’t to start manufacturing ‘affordable’ prescription drugs

The incompetent elephant(s) in the room

This is unintentionally funny on a whole lot of levels:

Are they going to make drugs as “affordable” as the “Affordable” Care Act made health insurance? The only people who will believe the federal government will make anything affordable are the ones who don’t care to notice that they (meaning “we”) over $20 trillion in debt.

Also, the federal government couldn’t make a f***ing health insurance website that worked properly but sure, who would have any doubt about taking their heart pills and blood pressure meds?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) would like the federal government to start manufacturing prescription drugs when the market fails and prices for certain medications become unaffordable.

It’s an interesting idea, experts who lean right and left agree. But more than that, it is a reminder that there are all kinds of creative ways we might go about bringing down drug prices. We know Americans are really worried about drug costs — six in 10 people take a prescription and 80 percent say the cost of drugs is unreasonable — and they really want Washington to do something about it. The issue always ranks as one of the public’s top health priorities for Congress.

Vox at least does acknowledge the incompetent elephant in the room:

There are some questions, of course, starting first and foremost with how well equipped the government is to make medications. The Food and Drug Administration previously forced the National Institutes of Health to shut down its drug manufacturing facilities over quality concerns — though this legislation notably allows the federal government to contract with private companies to do the actual drug producing.

So if the government would contract out the manufacturing, that means they’d be serving as an extra “middle man,” which pretty much defeats the stated intent of making the whole process cheaper. But at least now Warren has something to talk about on the 2020 campaign trail besides her backfired DNA test.

Author: Doug Powers

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