Elizabeth Warren 2020 — Eliminate nasty weather via massive wealth transfer? YES WE CAN!

Embarrassingly condescending

Polar vortexes have been areas over the earth’s poles for almost as long as there’s been an earth. The term “polar vortex” was first used to describe the atmospheric low-pressure areas as far back as 1853. So naturally lefties like Elizabeth Warren are trying to tie the age-old occurrence to man-made climate change, pledging to get rid of it if only we transfer a few trillion dollars of wealth to liberal schemes under the guise of “saving the planet.” Vote for Elizabeth Warren in 2020 if you want to end the modern scourge of weather:

What a condescending embarrassment.

But for now it’s not totally clear that Warren’s decided to commit to the 2020 race, which is what this is all about:

Gee, I sure hope she runs and wins so this polar vortex goes away!

Author: Doug Powers

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