Pro-gun-control Dem state rep is a LOCK to take home Connecticut’s ‘Ammunition Salesperson of the Year’ trophy

The tendency of certain liberal wannabe fascists over what you do and don’t “need” continues, this time from a completely clueless Connecticut state senator:

Either she’s getting a commission on all the ammunition sales that kind of talk from a politician results in, or she’s a total idiot. I know which option my money is on.

Gilchrest is obviously decided that I only need a certain amount of bullets or shotgun shells to defend my home — and that’s provided I don’t do what any responsible gun owner does, and that is go out and practice shooting so you actually know what the f**k you’re doing, unlike progressive politicians. And have you noticed that the Democrats’ concern about how thing unfairly “impact the poor” doesn’t extend to their right to defend themselves, not to mention their 2nd Amendment rights?

Author: Doug Powers

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