Here’s a shocker from U-Haul’s report about the most-fled states in 2020

Every year U-Haul releases a report about outbound vs. inbound states according to their rental data.

This will be the least surprising thing you’ve ever heard, but in 2020 Californians fled that state like dogs in a kennel that was on fire:

California ranks last by a wide margin, supplanting Illinois as the state with the greatest net loss of U-Haul trucks. California has ranked 48th or lower since 2016. Illinois has been 49th or 50th since 2015, when U-Haul began ranking states based on annual net gain.

New Jersey and Illinois were 48th and 49th on the list. New York was 42nd.

The temporary saving grace for those states might be that Biden is taking office with Democrat control of Congress, and those states will be sent a s**tload of money to cover their self-inflicted losses. Oh, and they’ll also blame Trump for disasters of their own doing.

(H/T to NotTheBee)

Author: Doug Powers

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