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Yeah, we need to talk about this Broward County sheriff (yikes)

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel was on CNN this morning, the same network that let him spew liberal talking points at a town hall last week in front of a stacked audience and point a finger of blame at the NRA. He didn’t have it quite as easy this morning, and Israel pretty much beclowned himself:

And don’t even think about making him play the “I’m rubber and your glue” card!

But the sheriff DID get confirmation that it was the NRA’s fault before the town hall? Please. Israel, who has four deputies who failed to defend children, accused Dana Loesch and the NRA of “not defending children.”

That’s from the same guy who defended his department by saying “Hey, we only got 23 red flags about Nikolas Cruz, not 39!”

That guy makes Barney Fife look like Dirty Harry, and he needs to resign or be removed very soon. Oh, and on top of everything else, the sheriff’s demanding an apology from politicians who want to hold him accountable for his own department’s missteps:

He’s GOT to go. Did I mention that already? Israel’s got chutzpah the size of Jupiter.

In the meantime, because they’re super serious about solving the problem, liberals are hoping to stop the next school shooting by threatening to boycott companies that offer discounts to NRA members.

Will construction of ‘Historic Transparency’ wing of Obama’s library to cost taxpayers $175 million? Obama won’t say

Let’s check in with former President Obama real quick and see what’s changed since he left office. Short answer: Nothing.

For starters, he’s still showing as much “historic levels of transparency” as ever:

An email sent to attendees of the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston says that attendees of the “conversation with Obama” are barred from live streaming, sharing photos and video and any other content from the event on public platforms, the Boston Globe reports.

“Following the panel, the sharing or reporting of its contents on public platforms, including social media, will not be permitted,” the notice reads. “Those who fail to adhere to this policy will be subject to removal from the conference and denied tickets to future SSAC conferences.”

“This policy applies to all attendees, credentialed media included,” a second email added after the Boston Globe asked for comment.

A spokesperson for the conference told the Globe that the former president “will discuss his time in office and the next chapter of his life,” but gave few details as to what specific things Obama will mention.

Also, Obama’s no longer in the White House, but he’s still spending taxpayer money, though his people won’t confirm the amount:

To put some perspective on that, that’s about 1/10th of the pallet of cash Obama sent to Iran, so he probably doesn’t consider that to be a lot of money relative to that.

Ironically a good portion of that $175 million will go towards construction of the “Historic Levels of Transparency” wing of his library.

#ShePersisted: Here’s the gun grabber narrative-busting video of the week

According to liberals, the women in the below video should have just stood there screaming helplessly and taking shotgun blasts for the seven-to-fifteen minutes it would have taken for cops to respond.

Libs say “guns don’t make us safer” and the so-called “good guy with a gun” argument is a myth. Instead, in reality, #ShePersisted:

Those two clerks should be the poster women for female empowerment but instead the feminists will opt to give that distinction to Bill Clinton’s wife for the 25th year running.

Libs try to prevent next school shooting by… threatening companies that give perks to NRA members

This kind of blame deflection and idiocy is why I’ll never be convinced the Dem reaction to anything isn’t purely revolving around politics. Nobody serious about fixing the problem thinks this way:

How sick in the head do you have to be where one of the first thoughts that comes to mind after a madman kills 17 people is “we’d better get ready to boycott FedEx!” That these people have managed to connect a murderous rampage to a ten percent car rental discount at Hertz shows the depths of the illness. But what’s even worse is the companies who are capitulating to that madness.

Justin Trudeau sets gold standard for pandering in India but the pictures will live on in infamy

When I first saw some of these pictures and video I thought maybe it was a new Sacha Baron Cohen gag set in New Delhi, but no, it’s really Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, the Barack Obama of the north, trying to prove that… well, I’m not sure what he was trying to prove:

This is a little like if a U.S. president got off his plane in Canada with his entire family dressed as Wayne Gretzky at game time or Dudley Doright headed to work.

Call me crazy, but that seems like a LOT of cultural appropriation from a super-progressive who recently scolded a woman about saying “mankind” instead of “peoplekind.”

(h/t Hot Air)

Media bias in gun reporting? WHAT media bias in gun reporting!?

There’s a liberal bias in most mainstream media “reporting,” but there’s no greater bias combined with sheer ignorance than when they try to talk semi-intelligently about guns. But don’t believe me, watch this by way of the Free Beacon:

Did you catch the part right at the beginning when the student read her anti-Dana Loesch talking points to the wrong person (a liberal senator no less)? Busted, CNN.

Sure liberals, you can blame the NRA for the Florida school shooting, OR…

… the FBI for dropping numerous balls


…the local authorities failing to act on dozens of red flags


Authorities ignoring even MORE red flags…


…the fact that an armed officer was there that night and listened outside the building but apparently did nothing:

And of course there’s the ultimate person to blame — and I know this is controversial, but here goes: The despicable subhuman who actually pulled the trigger that day.

But sure, libs, if it’s easier to blame the NRA, whatever.

What could POSSIBLY go wrong? CNN journo asks Pentagon why military won’t get involved in gun control

Hey, let’s get the military involved in domestic political issues! In the history of the world nothing’s ever gone wrong from taking this approach, has it?

CNN correspondent Barbara Starr on Thursday pressed Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White to explain why the Department of Defense is not more involved in the national debate on gun policy.

Starr asked White during a press briefing about the Pentagon’s role in the gun-control debate multiple times, referencing the fact that three of the victims in last week’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida, were Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps cadets.

“The Pentagon has always stayed out of the civilian gun debate, but given the emotion in the country, the president’s involvement in it, the fact that three Junior ROTC young people were victims, and it does involve recruiting young people into the military, can the Pentagon really continue to stay out of the gun debate in this country, realistically?” Starr asked.

White responded that discussions about gun rights and possibly enacting tighter gun restrictions are for political leaders in Congress, the White House, and their counterparts at the state and local levels, rather than the military.

But Starr kept going:

Maybe liberals would think the line of questioning sounds scarier if it instead revolves around the 1st Amendment instead of the 2nd: “Why doesn’t the Pentagon get more involved in the debate about regulating free speech?” But for some reason liberals aren’t troubled by the notion of getting the Army involved in gun control.

Area Democrat: Do something! — Trump proposes something — Area Democrat: That’s stupid!

President Trump floated a couple of ideas yesterday after calls to “do something” about school shootings have been made. Dem Rep. Brian Schatz wants something done, but not THAT kind of something:

Forget the ridiculousness of the term “gun violence” for a moment (do they say “truck violence,” “knife violence” or “bomb violence” after non-gun related attacks?). When Dems say “do something” they’re only talking about one thing: Banning guns and ending the political influence of the NRA and its members (Read: THEY don’t deserve the right of free speech like Planned Parenthood does).

This is also completely backwards:

If he wants to know who’s helping sell guns in record numbers he should go look in the mirror. Between a run on guns and NRA memberships, firearm dealers and the NRA should be giving Democrats a sales commission.

Too bad the Dems’ goal in all this isn’t to actually solve any problem but to attempt to gain political advantage by painting millions of people as being complicit in mass murder. I don’t think they’re going to find that to be a winning argument in the midterms.

JOURNALISM! CNN harasses Trump supporter at her home over what she shared on Facebook

There are no greater examples for why so many people loathe the mainstream media than those pumped out by CNN on a daily basis. In today’s example, CNN harassed a woman at her home about social media posts she shared that might have been also pushed by Russians. If only she had a large attack dog:

Chances CNN will show up at Michael Moore’s house for a similar segment? ZERO.

That CNN “reporter” makes Richard Thornburg from Die Hard look like Edward R. Murrow.