Wherein abortion-on-demand superfan Kamala Harris wags a ‘morality’ finger at CIA director nominee

Today in abject shamelessness…

Kamala Harris is a likely 2020 Dem candidate for president, and if this is the kind of self-unaware gem we can expect, it’ll be a gloriously shameless campaign:

As Laura Ingraham pointed out, Harris’ idea of what constitutes “immoral” speaks volumes:

She’s more twisted than a huge bowl of rotini.

Pro-life progress? Planned Parenthood president promotes adoption over death… for dogs

Isn’t that special?

Outgoing Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards is leaving that job with her “priorities” firmly intact:

Well isn’t that special!

Via CNS News:

Don’t let a dog be put to death, adopt it, the president of the nation’s largest abortion provider suggested Tuesday.

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards made the pitch on Twitter, employing the #AdoptDontShop hashtag advocating dog adoption over pet store purchases. Adopting (or, “rescuing” a dog from a shelter) would save its life.

Because she cares:

There must not be enough Lambos to be had in trafficking dog parts as there are in peddling baby parts.

Planned Parenthood affiliate aborts idiotic tweet about Disney princesses

Imagine being so mentally poisoned that your mind actually works this way:

Priorities, Planned Parenthood-style:

A Pennsylvania branch of Planned Parenthood says a tweet declaring the need for a Disney princess who’s had an abortion was not appropriate and the organization has taken it down.

An executive for Planned Parenthood Keystone says the group believes pop culture plays a “critical role” in educating the public and sparking “meaningful conversations about sexual and reproductive health issues and policies, including abortion.”

Melissa Reed, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Keystone, says the seriousness of the point they were trying to make was not appropriate for the subject matter.

The original tweet was a cry for help from some Disney-watching progressive glue-sniffer at a PP affiliate:

Here’s the cherry on top of the irony sundae: The people calling for a Disney princess that aborts her heirs are whining about this hypothetical shortage of Disney princesses.

What would be PP’s version of a Disney movie? “Snow White and the Seven Lambos”?

Planned Parenthood supporter(s) keepin’ it classy at Parkland student’s memorial


This father lost his daughter in the Parkland, Florida shooting and then has to go find this shameless political garbage at her memorial:

Planned Parenthood propaganda put at the memorial next to “we speak for the ones who can’t” is ironic and then some. But mostly just sickeningly pathetic.

Nausea-inducer of the week: Abortion doctor proud of reason victims (er, ‘patients’) can’t scream

“For the children,” y’all!

An abortion doctor from Utah received some criticism recently after arguing that she doesn’t do what she does “for the money”:

Leah Torres, the abortion doctor featured in an article at The Nation in 2016 (which laughably yet pitifully vents her frustration at the state of Utah allowing her to properly “care” for her patients), explained why hearing their screams doesn’t concern her:


“Performing medicine.” Hippocrates unavailable for comment.

And that will receive some applause from the side of the aisle that accuses Republicans of not standing in defense of “the children.”

It’s not just what they do, it’s the glee they seem to take from it (while rubbing it in their critics’ faces) that’s most disgusting.

And the Oscar for Least Self-Aware Performance on an Academy Awards Red Carpet goes to…

Richards should have been awarded the “most shameless comedic performance in a non-fiction horror film” Oscar.

… outgoing Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, who was at the Academy Awards taking irony to the next level:

When Miller asked Richards, “What keeps you going, what gives you hope?” Richards responded with the “next generation.”

“The fact that we are seeing young women, women in their teens, who are now advocating for their rights, advocating for their communities,” she elaborated. “We saw it in Florida, we’ve seen in across the country. To me, they give me hope. We just need to support them and keep them going forward.”

“The next generation” gives her hope? Obviously not all of them. And I’m just guessing she was treated like a god by the Hollywood libs who accuse Republicans of being bad for women and kids.

Taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood plans to drop $20 million to support Democrats in the midterms after having spent nearly $40 million trying to get Hillary Clinton elected, and they continue to call themselves “non-partisan.” Richards should have been awarded the “most shameless comedic performance in a non-fiction horror film” Oscar.

SCIENCE! Planned Parenthood of KY has an important update for biology textbooks everywhere

Nah, these people aren’t at all crazy:

Those are the lunatics who lecture conservatives about “science” on a daily basis. The only way some men have a uterus is if they bought it from one of Planned Parenthood’s baby parts sales subsidiaries.

Kamala Harris vs. Kamala Harris on ‘babies being slaughtered’

Super-progressive Dem senator and possible 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris seems conflicted as usual.

The wind-up from last month:

“Immoral” eh?

And the pitch this week:

While the lefties are busy blaming the NRA for horrors like that which took place in Florida this week, maybe they should find a little time for some introspection about the role they’ve been playing in the cheapening of human life.

Kind of a compliment actually: Planned Parenthood’s chop-shop defenders call Cruz/Fiorina pairing ‘loathsome’

**Written by Doug Powers

Wow, this is kind of like Michael Moore accusing you of being unkempt:

And if anybody knows “loathsome,” it’s PP’s top brass.

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

Proof-positive that abortion providers are among the least self-aware people on the planet

This is a room at one of the Whole Woman’s Health clinics where “holistic abortions” are performed. Notice the quote on the wall:

What better place for this lyric to a Patti LeBelle song than on a wall next to where abortions are performed:

All I can tell you really is if you get to the point where someone is telling you that you are not great or not good enough, just follow your heart and don’t let anybody crush your dream.

Too bad the babies in that room don’t live long enough to read those words of wisdom.