Author Joyce Carol Oates is one of America’s many “know better than you” progressives, and today she took an animal rights stand against something you might not have heard about: So barbaric that this should still be allowed… No conservation laws in effect wherever this is? — Joyce Carol Oates (@JoyceCarolOates) June 9, 2015 […]

Is there a less self-aware lib “entertainer” than Sarah Silverman? Probably, but for the sake of the argument let’s pretend there isn’t. Silverman’s emphatically pro-abortion: Abortion Activist Sarah Silverman Says Unborn Babies are “Just Goo” @jeffquinton #tcot — (@LifeNewsHQ) May 27, 2014 But a few days ago she passed along this pearl […]

The real crime in the Sony “hack” story is the hack itself, but some of the stuff revealed as a result is telling considering it’s coming from Hollywood bigwigs — the same crowd that preaches liberal “values” including racial sensitivity. Case in point: Sony Pictures Entertainment executives joked about US President Barack Obama’s race in […]

Many Democrats on the ballot today have gone to ridiculous lengths to dodge their association with Obama, but there’s one lib who’s unashamed to stand with the president at midterms: I’m standing w Obama in the midterm election 2morrow! Find out what u need to cast ur ballot: — Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) […]

Reading on the “Alec Baldwin Crazy-Meter” this weekend: 9.8: "Just another relaxing Sunday in the park with @AlecBaldwin" @JennyJohnsonHi5 — Sean Agnew (@seanagnew) August 31, 2014 In May, Baldwin was arrested in NYC for “biking while a douchebag,” but now he’s obviously moved on to befriending the Hamptons cops: Nice to see that Baldwin’s […]

Not only does Sandra Fluke demand that somebody else to pay for her birth control, but now she wants us to pay for tax breaks for an industry headed by millionaires constantly bitching that their taxes aren’t high enough (via Twitchy): It's time to invest in our entertainmental industry and keep film jobs here. […]

This story made me realize I haven’t been using the “celebrity idiots” tag nearly enough. I didn’t even realize “biking while a douchebag” was an available charge, but I guess it is in NYC: Alec Baldwin arrested after arguing with NYPD cops — Lachlan Markay (@lachlan) May 13, 2014 The scene of the […]

A fear that, to me anyway, seems racist. Asner, one of the moonbattiest of Hollywood leftist moonbats, didn’t use the term “racist” though, because that’s reserved for Tea Party types. But Asner did say his lefty Hollywood colleagues fear being called “anti-black” for opposing Obama on Syria, so they’re staying mostly silent. It’s funny that […]

It’s kind of funny and it has nothing to do with Syria or President Rambo McPeaceprize, so it’s a good way to kick off another week: More than likely Kirk was afraid he was going to have to see another Tribble. (video h/t RS McCain)

I couldn’t help but ask that question to nobody in particular last night. It occurred to me was after Kanye West went on an N-word and F-word rant that made the MTV bleep guy collapse from exhaustion. Before that there was Miley Cyrus, who pleasured herself with a foam finger while the 20-year-old singer mock […]

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