You’ve probably heard about the “racial incident” Oprah Winfrey had to endure in Switzerland (key words in bold): The owner of the upscale Swiss boutique where Oprah Winfrey claimed she was barred from buying a $38,000 by a ‘racist’ sales assistant today demanded to speak to the star she branded ‘over-sensitive’ and insisted her employee […]

Yes, a big cry of #NoJustice from the daughter of one of the lawyers who helped get O.J. Simpson off the hook: My heart goes out to Trayvon Martin's family & loved ones. Thought & prayers being sent their way #NoJustice — Kim Kardashian (@KimKardashian) July 14, 2013 Too funny.

Spotted at Ace of Spades: @amandabynes pull it together dude. — Courtney Love Cobain (@Courtney) May 28, 2013 Like Ace, I really have no idea who Amanda Bynes is, but she apparently has major issues if this person is telling her she needs to get her sh*t together. That’s kind of like Jay Carney telling […]

Note from Doug: Joyanna’s still getting things back together after a tornado took a nasty stroll through her neighborhood, but I noticed she had this post in the que from a day or two ago… Guest post written by Joyanna Adams ***** Just when you thought Meryl Streep’s portrayal of Margaret Thatcher couldn’t be beat, […]

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams ***** Ashley Judd, who was convinced by the democratic party to run against that gun-filibusting enemy of Obama, Mitch McConnell, for his Senate seat, changed her mind about running for his office. Evidently she quit because she found out what they were going to say about her. Yahoo News: Sen. Mitch […]

Guest Post written by Joyanna Adams ***** Robert Redford is at it again…he is going to redeem Obama’s past mentors: Bill Ayers and his weather underground by making a movie about them. Redford was at his best as the Sundance kid….that’s when he didn’t speak. Like the chauvinist woman that I pretend to be at […]

Jim Carrey’s had a lot of practice talking out his ass both on screen and off. Carrey’s latest idiocy was to toss a blanket insult at everybody who believe in Second Amendment rights, which is why this is perfection: A seller on eBAY is auctioning off his autographed photo of Jim Carrey so that he […]

Electable? Sadly, yes. In Kentucky? We might find out soon enough: In order to try and hold on to some of the voting demographic that Judd might appeal to, Mitch McConnell plans to start wintering in Scotland, listening to some Michael Bolton and filming a few tastefully done nude scenes.

It was? Co-anchor George Stephanopoulos compared Mrs. Obama’s appearance at the Oscars, Sunday, to the real mission in the movie Argo: Rescuing American hostages from Iran. He thrilled over the secretive appearance: “Producers go undercover to the White House in a move straight out of Argo.” Elizabeth Vargas echoed, “It was like something out of […]

I suppose it does make sense that one of the Obamas should feel compelled to make an appearance as a thank-you. After all, about 98 percent of the people in that audience supported them: The Academy Awards suddenly turned into the Michelle Obama Oscars when Jack Nicholson told the audience a special guest was joining […]

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