This new staffer is no doubt charged with finding ways to jam Obama administration propaganda into the nooks and crannies of as many games possible under the guise of “education”: If you’re training for a new job someday soon with a video game controller in your hands, thank Constance Steinkuehler. This summer, when your kids’ […]

Good news for any of you guys who have been pulling for the Miss Universe pageant to feature more contestants who look like RuPaul and J-Nap: With newly inclusive pageant rules, transgender women can now aspire to the Miss Universe crown. The Miss Universe Organization announced Tuesday that it will allow contestants who were not […]

A sad and swift addendum to an already horrible story: Joe Paterno, the iconic former Penn State football coach whose legend was tarnished when he was fired in the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky scandal, has died, his family confirmed Sunday. He was 85. Doctors had said Saturday that Paterno’s condition had become ”serious” in […]

Now that Bin Laden’s dead the DHS has really gotten distracted: I’m more interested in knowing if somebody’s going to try and blow my ass up at the mall this weekend, but whatever. DHS linked to the video below. Isn’t assuming that a frozen turkey dunked in hot oil will explode in a ball of […]

Mayor Bloomberg has muscled his way into officiating one of the first gay weddings in New York: New York City Michael Bloomberg will officiate his chief policy adviser’s wedding on July 24, the first day gays can marry in the state. The New York Times reports that this week, Bloomberg called John Feinblatt, who works […]

Hopefully everybody had a nice Independence Day weekend! I still have all my fingers in spite of some fairly massive fireworks that we set off here at the compound, so I’ve got that goin’ for me. Yesterday Rush Limbaugh was in Joplin, Missouri and gave a rousing speech to a huge crowd in the town […]

Years ago, I met Jack Kevorkian. It was “in passing,” but I did shake his hand and speak with him very briefly. He was cordial and so was I, but all I can remember thinking was how creepy it would be to sit in his rusty VW van… even creepier if he was hooking up […]

Meet some of the people who one day (if not already) could be cancelling out your vote. From Business Insider as collected by Ned Hepburn, here’s a sampling: You know, I half expected to see a Tweet from James Clapper in that mix. Fortunately some are generously stepping forward to help explain: Better than nothing, […]

A section of my local paper offers a “scoop” about something I figured out when I was ten: The rest of America was thinking that by the mid-1970′s. I mean, come on: Bonus fun fact: There’s a 1 in 3 chance that Bert and Ernie voted Republican on Tuesday.

If you live long enough, you do indeed see everything: Conservative Vice Lords? I’d hate to see the liberal Vice Lords: At a news conference organized by self-identified gang members Thursday morning, several speakers complained that police and city officials do not respect them, and that the only way to curb violence is to provide […]

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