Published in the Denver Post on April 12, 2012: Blanchard, Michael “Flathead” 1944 ~ 2012 A Celebration of the life of Michael “Flathead” Blanchard will be held on April 14th, 3 pm 8160 Rosemary St, Commerce City. Weary of reading obituaries noting someone’s courageous battle with death, Mike wanted it known that he died as […]

In the “having solved all other crimes” file we find this: A Charlton mom says her local library crossed the line when they sent police to collect her daughter’s overdue library books. Her mom says the 5-year-old girl was so afraid that she burst into tears. Charlton Police Sergeant Dan Dowd stopped by the home […]

An extra special “Happy Thanksgiving” to all those who read and comment here as well as your families! It’s been a fun year (which is still far from over) and next year should be even… uh… funner. On this day as always, in addition to health and happiness for my family, I’m thankful that God […]

I don’t know if Chris Farley has a brother, but if he does, we’ve found him. Here’s a local news interview with a Phoenix man who was rear-ended by an out-of-control SUV which then ran into a utility pole, knocking down power lines. “Reality hits you hard, bro.” I’ll take that on a t-shirt, please: […]

I’ll bet your grandfather never thought of this when he was digging the family nuke shelter in the backyard 1953… or maybe he did for all I know: LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A San Fernando Valley adult entertainment studio began construction this month on what it calls a “post-apocalyptic” underground bunker in anticipation of a […]

Nobody Reports: Michael Moore was out in Wisconsin yesterday, demanding that all the rich who are hoarding our money hand it over. And because he is one of the rich, he said he was going to take all his money and make it into a bunch of million- dollar men, made up of hundred dollar […]

Nobody’s Flashes: Louis Farrakhan, that lovable public enemy number-two, has just warned us all: “What you see happening there (Middle East) you’d better prepare, because it will be coming to your door soon.”   To which my baby tea party spirit says, “Oh yeah? “   Is it me? Didn’t that sound like a threat? […]

This story doesn’t say it, because it hasn’t been widely reported yet, but this shooting took place in a town about 30 miles from where I am and where friends live. I was talking to one of them who lives in town there and the man who was killed is a locally well-known opponent of […]

The government (you, me and future generations) spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 billion dollars on the “digital conversion” — much of it going towards a couple years worth of highly publicized (as mandated by the FCC) warnings of what to expect and how to prepare. It was not difficult to understand, but, as […]

They say you’re far more likely to be killed driving to or from the airport than on the airplane, but sometimes you’re screwed either way. How depressing.

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