This should keep me laughing through the weekend: That’s not a serious economic prediction or diagnosis, but rather a cry for help. Krugman’s weekly column at the New York Times is called “Hotsky to Trotsky” and never fails to deliver the comedy.

Many of the people interviewed here say they voted for Obama, so it’s hard to feel sorry for them, but at the same time it’s amazing to watch expectations in 2008 vs. realities in 2013: Students at Bowie State University assailed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on Thursday after administrators cancelled a low cost school-wide […]

Full time hiring is dying thanks to Obamacare and other factors, and the jobs “created” the administration keeps touting are mostly part-time jobs that people have two and three of each these days because of the economy. And now Barbara Boxer wants to kill those jobs off: Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) said Monday night she […]

Last night I ran across this recent tweet by Robert Reich (arrowed above next to President Obama), the diminutive former labor secretary under Bill Clinton literally and current wacky liberal economist. It sums up the left’s view of government while serving as the definition of delusional: Where has our national goverment gone? We've split it […]

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams ***** Hey, better late than never. Remember when Obama said he would never touch the middle-class? And then one day you opened your middle-class paycheck and Obama did take your money? Well, look out: He’s saying it again. After a budget in both house were already in the bag, […]

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams ***** Back when I was young, and I thought of visiting California, I dreamed of walking around Hollywood, kicking sand up on the beach, dancing to happy Beach Boy songs, watching young men ogle young girls in bikini’s and soft summer nights driving around in my rented convertible looking for a great place to hang out. […]

If we want to know what will happen to an area governed completely by the same lib/left policies that Obama and too many others would love to roll out nationally, all we have to do is look at Detroit. Governor Snyder has now declared the city a financial disaster area, but it’s also a disaster […]

A gun store in New Hampshire recognizes and thanks those who have provided such a boom to their business (pun somewhat intended): So I stand corrected — there are some areas of the economy that are flourishing under Obama.

For now this is a private program, but don’t think for a second that it isn’t perking up the ears of the welfare state proponents in Washington, DC: If you are struggling to buy food and supplies for your pets, there may be help for you. Pets are like members of the family, so when […]

I have to admit that the “climate change” sham is brilliantly devised. If it’s colder than normal, that’s evidence of man-caused climate change. If it’s warmer than usual, that’s evidence of man-caused climate change. And now politicians who are killing the economy and putting people out of work (where they all too often stay) can […]

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